GUBIC was started as a facebook group with the title "Let's Get a Genuine Unsigned Band Into the Charts.

The group failed in its objective but it did achieve a number of other things which were unexpected. It grew symbiotically with XRP radio which had been founded only days after the group was started. It helped launch the radio careers of a number of people, and introduced a lot of bands to each other, and to radio stations, and venues.

One of the bands, "Deferred Sucess" entered a song called "Make A Living" which became the de facto theme song for the whole competition. Since then I have wondered how to continue with my support for unsigned bands and until I can think of and realise another brilliant idea I continue to keep this website going.

Having started a blog about bands and music, this has grown from early 2013 into a fairly substantial site getting around three and a half thousand unique visitors per month.

My new band The Buzz began officially on 1st January, and has it's first gig on the tenth. The website is not a priority at the moment but I hope to be adding something to it in the near future.