The Buzz

The Buzz, have now disbanded. But from the ashes of Buzz comes Lightyear.

Devon Rock Covers Band

Formed towards the end of 2013 and after intense rehearsals The Buzz already have a busy touring schedule in 2014. Their debut gig was at The Preston Gate Inn, Poughill, Cornwall and they played over forty gigs during 2014.

The Buzz songs list

Snippet of Twitter feed showing tweet by landlord of the Preston Gate Inn, raving about the opening number of The Buzz debut gig.
@BandTheBuzz are rocking out back in black by acdc!!!!!!! It's amazing

We take great pride in having put together an impressive set list and played our debut gig after just four rehearsals. The landlord of the Preston Gate Inn tweeted during our opening number
"@prestongate Jan 10
Bloody hell @BandTheBuzz are rocking out back in black by acdc!!!!!!! It's amazing"

and from that we got a booking at The Bell, Launceston.

We have been adding two or three new songs to the list each week and hope to be able to cater for any audience whether they want it hard and furious or a bit more laid back and groovy.

To see a list of the sort of songs we already play Click here