Month: November 2012

XRP radio

XRP radio was born at almost the same time as my failed attempt to catapault an unsigned band into the charts. One of its co-founders was a mate of mine Glen McDougal, and he contacted me via facebook to ask

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The Reasoning

I first heard of The Reasoning when a friend on Myspace (remember Myspace?) posted a link on my wall. “Please check out this band I like.” I did check them out and was absolutely amazed at how good they were.

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Federal Radio

Federal radio are one of my favourite unsigned radio stations. There are loads of radio stations that only play music by unsigned bands. This is because they don’t have to pay royalties. However some nasty radio stations will ask YOU

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Blissful Mop

The Blissful Mop is in no small part the brainchild of guitarist and songwriter Joe Inkpen who is also behind The Mop Collective. Fronted by Bliss Nayler whose silky, sultry tones give the hard edged music of Joe a blissful

Cream Tangerines

These guys don’t seem to have a website of their own but they do have a facebook, twitter, and youtube account. The name strongly suggests they are heavily influenced by The Beatles, this being the opening line of Savoy Shuffle,

Troy Faid

It is difficult to know where to start when beginning a new blog but I guess stuff that is current in my mind is as good a place as any. I wanted to start getting some of my favourite bands

The Chill Bar

Since I first arrived in Ilfracombe the Chill Bar has been my local live music venue. There are loads of music venues in ‘combe but this one is the closest to my house. It holds regular acoustic jam nights on

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I moved to Ilfracombe at the end of 2011. Having moved to a small town from London I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I made a new circle of friends just by visiting a local jam night at the

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First post (again)

Done WordPress before and then deleted it, several times. Keep coming back because I’m sure it must be me. I’m going to try to maintain this blog about bands especially unsigned original bands and some of the good covers and

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