Cream Tangerines

These guys don’t seem to have a website of their own but they do have a facebook, twitter, and youtube account.

The name strongly suggests they are heavily influenced by The Beatles, this being the opening line of Savoy Shuffle, from The White Album.

With one of their song titles being Mother Nature’s Gun, and their guitarist wearing a Beatles T-shirt in some of their photographs you could be forgiven for expecting something that is a homage to the Fab Four.

However, listening to their music I was immediately struck by the strong Zeppelin influences. Lots of great riffs, and thumping drums. Even just looking at the wave forms on their soundcloud page you know you are in for a treat. The peaks and troughs strongly implying this music is filled with light and shade. It is not just unrelenting heavy metal.

They hail from Leicester and are “signed” to small independant label Flat Five records 

The Cream Tangerines are a three piece but comparisons to Kings Of Leon would be misplaced. This is much more creative than that; more in tune with the best of the seventies British classic rock, then any modern signed band.

Paint BoxThey also remind me a bit of Paint Box, a band from Philadelphia, USA, which I have just written a blog post about.
I would urge both bands to get in touch with each other and maybe spread each other’s music to their fans. It would help both bands to have a broader fan base, and who knows, maybe some day they might get to cross the pond and play some gigs.


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