Troy Faid

It is difficult to know where to start when beginning a new blog but I guess stuff that is current in my mind is as good a place as any.

I wanted to start getting some of my favourite bands gigs in my new home town and Troy Faid was a good choice as he is a solo act so it is easier to find places that can host him.

I have booked him to play at The Lamb Hotel in Ilfracombe on 7th December 2012.

Troy is a young guitarist who plays like an old pro. His style veers towards old Delta Blues, with a touch of Freddy Phillips (he did all the music for Trumpton, Chigley, and Camberwick Green in case you are wondering.)
You can hear suggestions of The Beatles, and others. He is able, like the late Robert Johnson, to play a bass line AND a rhythm AND a melody simultaneously, but in all honesty you cannot simply imagine his music, no matter how I try to describe it.

Instead here is a video available on youtube of the title track of his second album.

Here is what Tom Robinson said about Troy. “For me Troy’s music is English songwriting performed with the highest integrity with no trace of ego or look at me exhibitionism. Folk clubbers, owners, festival bookers, roots labels and distributers pay attention, give this man he attention he deserves. You will find more of his outstanding work at “

-Tom Robinson – BBC6 Music

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