The Reasoning

I first heard of The Reasoning when a friend on Myspace (remember Myspace?) posted a link on my wall.
“Please check out this band I like.”

I did check them out and was absolutely amazed at how good they were. At the time, 2007, they had only just released their first album “Awakening” which is currently no longer available. There are a few videos online though including this rather amusing one featuring Runescape action to accompany the title track.

I bought two copies of the CD intending to give one to my sister. At the time I was the singer with Led Zep Too and I discovered that we would be playing at the same festival as this band, although a different day.

I took along my CDs and got one signed because my sister likes that sort of thing. I had a bit of a chat with the band and they were even better live than in recording which is really saying something. I must have listened to that whole album at least a hundred times back to back before taking it out of the player in my van. I never tired of a single track although one or two stood out for me.

Since Awakening they have been very productive, releasing their follow up album Dark Angel in 2008, and a single in 2009, a cover of Duran Duran’s “The Chauffeur” from the album Rio.

2010 saw the release of Adverse Camber a slightly short album (40 mins 6 tracks) and Acoustically Speakinga nine track album of acoustic versions of songs from the first three albums. Also this year they released a limited edition DVD Highway to High Voltage

These releases were all done via their own label created for the purpose, and called Comet music after a pet cat named Comet.

The next release is a 2011 live album, Live in the USA – The Bottle of Gettysburg and comes under Nova Sales & Distribution (UK) Ltd.

Back in the studio they put together And Another Thing released in 2012 on Ais, and then the band signed a deal with Cherry Red Records and the latest release (at time of writing) is “Adventures In Neverland”


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