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XRP radio was born at almost the same time as my failed attempt to catapault an unsigned band into the charts. One of its co-founders was a mate of mine Glen McDougal, and he contacted me via facebook to ask if they could play some of the bands that were getting involved in the competition.
I of course told him that I would love him to play the songs but that it was totally up to the bands themselves. I recommended to all the bands that they should send tracks in to XRP radio and the station grew symbiotically with the competition.

Every Sunday I would compile a chart based on the voting and XRP would play the songs and give us the countdown. As we reduced the number of bands competing XRP would play out the remaining songs alongside new submissions from those and other artists who had got on board.

The station is fairly unique in that they will play just about anything at least once. There is no genre that is barred, and even tracks that are only of demo quality an get an airing. The listeners are typically receptive of almost anything and many will seek out a band they like and get more info about them. So while it is no Radio1 there is a lot of good to be gained by getting your tracks in to them.

You can get airplay by submitting tracks on their website but make sure you have filled out the ID3 tags correctly. This applies really for ALL submissions to radio stations because without it they simply cannot catalog it properly.

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