Month: December 2012

Record Label Bandax

Bands in the Derbyshire area and beyond could try getting in touch with Bandax, a small independant record label that have good contacts, and experience in the business, and will likely increase your sales once your product goes to market. Not exclusively

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Fox’s Den on Vixen 101 East Yorkshire

Fox’s Den on Vixen 101 The fox’s Den Show is a weekly show on Community Radio Station Vixen 101 that showcases the music of unsigned/small label and independent musicians. All genres of music are featured, but they do have a

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SPAM comments

PLEASE take the trouble to comment about the post you are commenting on. Make your comments relevant and insightful and there is a good chance I will allow your irrelevant link through.  So long as it does not link to

Sending your original music to radio stations

If you are in an unsigned band you probably want some airplay. The object of your band should be to get as much exposure as possible so that more people have heard of you. This will increase your chances of

Kate’s Sunshine Cast on Gashouse Radio

Kate Lynn-Deverre does a regular weekly two hour show featuring the best unsigned music from the UK and the rest of the world, which goes out on Gashouse Radio in Philadelphia, and online worldwide. It airs on Tuesdays and Saturdays

Setting up a website for your band

Many years ago I set up my first website. If you could see it now you would laugh, and I would cry. Fortunately it disappeared when the free hosting service I used at the time went bust. I learned a

Making Money from your band – Google AdSense

OK you have formed a band and written some songs. You’ve already set up an online presence of sorts, hopefully your own website as well as various social networking sites. You know that some venues will pay you a bit

Making money with an unsigned originals band

OK this is not going to be the holy grail you are searching for. Not yet anyway. I am turning my attention to trying to understand the “Unsigned Originals Band Business Model” First off, my preliminary enquiries hint that even

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Loaded Sista Soul – Pop – RnB – HipHop

I am going to take a slight detour from my normal offerings here for a couple of very good reasons. Loaded Sista are not a group that would normally come under my radar being a three piece female vocal group.

Badly Worn Toy

Badly Worn Toy is a band consisting of five of the very best musicians from North Devon.  However (at least to date) there is no website or even a facebook page. The band consists of local guitar legend Harvey Hudson,

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