101 great unused band names – Naming a new band

101 Great Unused Band Names.

Part 1 – Naming a new band

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NOTE : This was originally started as a possible book for publication but since there is almost zero chance of my getting a publishing deal EVER, I thought I would just drop it into a blog instead. So please accept my apologies for the references to a book in the text.


The objective of this book is to make itself redundant. In a sense it is a bit pointless, although I hope it at least gives you a couple of laughs. So why did I write a pointless book. Well to make money obviously that was one reason, but nobody would buy a book that was completely and utterly pointless. Although people buy notebooks and for heaven’s sake they don’t even have any writing in them!!

My reason for writing this book apart from making money was because I believe that young musicians getting together and forming a band spend too much time worrying about what to call themselves and then come up with a crap name anyway. Meanwhile they are not focused on the important thing which is making music and getting heard.

So I wanted to take the hassle out of naming your band in two ways. Firstly by giving you a ready made list of possible names which have been checked and pass the basic test which is, nobody else is already using them. (No responsibility can be taken if it turns out I missed soemthing or a band chose one of my names after I added it to the book.) Secondly by giving you some handy hints about coming up with band names.

I think I spent about a total of ten hours, at most, thinking of the 101 names in this book, and (for pedants) yes there are considerably more than 101 names. What are you going to do, SUE?? So that means I spent an average of 6 minutes per name. Actually it was a lot less than that because I came up with loads of names that I deleted later. So actually it was probably less than a minute per name in all honesty. Anyway the POINT is thinking of names is a piece of piss. What you do, making music, writing lyrics, getting gigs, and fans. That’s bloody hard. So get working on it.

Depending on where and when you are reading this book you may gain different things from it. If you are reading a pre-publication sample copy then the names in here will be all brand new and there for the using. If you have bought a copy in a shop, then WOW! I’m a published author, wait a minute while a dance up and down in excitement ……………

Right, finished. Where was I. Oh yes, some of the names might have been used now. You will just have to check. But anyway it is easy to come up with names. I must have deleted enough for a sequel while writing this. Lastly if you are leafing through a well thumbed copy of this in a jumble sale then buy it. For one thing the charity needs your pennies, and for another the names in the book might read like a who’s who of the last ten years of rock music. (Although the chances are that they won’t.)

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