All hail The Bison


Bison describe themselves on their facebook page as ‘an eleven-piece, genre-busting party band from Sheffield. Also known as The Mighty Bison…’

I first came across this band when listening to XRP radio. The song playing was really upbeat ska, sort of reminiscent of Madness’ One Step Beyond. I asked in the chat box what it was and was told it was The Abominator by Bison.

Straight away I asked for a website but there wasn’t one. I was directed to the wrong myspace page and have also recently been directed to the wrong facebook page.

It took a lot of googling around the search terms, Bison, band, Sheffield, Abominator, etc, before I managed to locate the right thing. Their album Herd Mentality was available as an MP3 download on Amazon and I bought the whole thing based on the one song.
As usual I was not disappointed with a single track. Every one is excellent and whilst the band could be broadly described as Ska, they nevertheless managed to explore every niche of the genre and push the envelope pretty hard.

Comparisons to Madness are completely justified although of course they are their own band as well and inevitably are conditioned by other influences including he era in which they exist.

I only recently found out that Bison are by no means a one album wonder. Nor are they, as I had been led to believe disbanded. It seems that they were just taking a break when I found out about them. The lack of a website is a rather distressing problem since this information would probably have all been there for me to find out, including the fact that there are a number of other albums of which I was not previously aware.

So I am now going to attempt some sort of a discography for them as best I can.

Got most of this info from here Bison on Amazon

3rd Oct 2005 – The Beast With Nine Backs

Motorcar Song 3:36
Phoebe 3:42
One Fine Day 5:13
Fraggle Rock 3:49
Sundays 4:52
Mushroom Chai (intro) 0:26
The Knight We Drank The Rider 2:35
Halfway 3:57
Unoriginal (interlude) 0:48
Ill-billy Hick Hop 6:03
Behind My Own Erection 3:03
Supersweet 5:24
The Intergalactic Void (skit) 0:32
The Abominator 5:05
You Are My Smile – Live at West One Four, London, 05.02.05 3:11

25th Sep 2006 – Herd Mentality 

Herd Mentality 2:06
Hsb Don’t C 3:49
Boring 3:52
The Abominator 4:43
Sleepwalker 3:25
Suicide Bomber 3:37
Huge 3:59
You Are My Smile 2:53
Sponk 3:23
Gimme Some 6:26
Halfway 4:59

sometime in 2007 – Dark Side Of The Moo

29th Jul 2008 – Saturday Big Shop 

Stop Yer Moaning 6:16
Commuter Love 5:50
Saturday Big Shop 4:58
Jason Pritchard 3:02
What Shall We Do With the Drunken Raver? 7:17
Another Day 3:58
Big Trouble in Great Yarmouth 4:54
Zig Zag 5:03
Rtt 5:35
Things I Sing of Me 3:57
Apocalypso 4:54

 Total running time 55:44

December 2012 – New album TBA

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