Badly Worn Toy

Badly Worn Toy is a band consisting of five of the very best musicians from North Devon.  However (at least to date) there is no website or even a facebook page. The band consists of local guitar legend Harvey Hudson, with Dan Wells backing him up on rhythm, Nathan on bass, Gareth on drums and yours truly on vocals.

This is a band which does not take itself too seriously but the musicians are so good that you would think we had been together for years. In fact we have played almost as many gigs as we have had rehearsals with every intention of keeping it that way.

The set consists of a great deal of Pink Floyd (particularly from Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were Here)  as well as a generous helping of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, with a few interesting surprises thrown in from a variety of other artists.

Gigs played so far have been in Braunton at the London Inn, and at a private party. Further gigs are planned for The London Inn again and at the Ship And Pilot in Ilfracombe.

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