Loaded Sista Soul – Pop – RnB – HipHop

I am going to take a slight detour from my normal offerings here for a couple of very good reasons.

Loaded Sista are not a group that would normally come under my radar being a three piece female vocal group. Purists, like me, don’t really consider a band is a proper band unless it has a drummer or at least a keyboard player who can create the drum parts and plays live. Backing tracks are not really “proper” music.

However, two things persuaded me to write about Loaded Sista.

One is that their founder Keisha Rodney made the first genuine comment on this blog. Adding an interesting additional note and showing that she had actually read the article and was not just spamming the blog topost her own URL link.

The second reason is that, having checked out the track on their facebook page I was struck by just how good their voices are, and the song is not half bad either. Since it is clear that they would not have the money for a massive budget recording they have done an excellent and polished job in the studio.

In the light of the appallingness of many of the X-Factor live finalists this year you do wonder if the best singers are just not bothering to even turn up to the open auditions. Or maybe they are but they are getting missed due to the stupid impersonal production line nature of the whole process.

They got their name when a recording engineer misheard someone say “Load up systems” and thought they were saying the name of the band was “Loaded Sister”.
Since, at the time, they had assumed a new name which they were not happy with they just kept quiet and let the new name stick with a funky urban spelling which is smart because it is easier to get your URL.

Their website is slick and done using WIX which is a popular website building tool. There are audio samples on the facebook page as well.

Loaded Sista are

Keisha Rodney
Salli Alexander
Siobhan Hesketh

If anybody deserves popular success in 2013 these girls should be in record companies sights.

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