Sound Of The Sirens – Mesmerising harmonies from Devon

Sound Of The Sirens

Mesmerising harmonies from Devon

Hailing from the picturesque city of Exeter in Devon these three beautiful girls with stunning voices weave a blend of acoustic guitars and evocative harmonies that could lure any self respecting mariner to his doom.

Here is a group which are totally in tune with my belief in getting their product out there on the internet. Any google search of their name brings up a greeat swathe of websites about the band, from social media through their own website to forums and blogs.

It is wholly appropriate that I should list the main ones here.

Describing music is a thankless task. They pretty much sum it up perfectly in their own publicity when they say “3 girls, 2 guitars, 1 stomp box”

If you wonder what a stomp box is well it is a sort of square of something on the floor and you stomp on it to achieve a sound something like a bass drum.

The two guitars work well together but the best bit is naturally the three female vocals which are all mellifluously silky* and intricately harmonised.

*(a metaphor, since silk would be ruined if you covered it in honey).

This Youtube video is their song “Shoelaces” which is the first song of theirs that I heard. It is a live recording and the audience noise is a bit intrusive but you get the idea. You can also hear them on Federal radio if you request it any Thursday night.

Do check them out if you are a fan of acoustic music and if you are not, still check them out because they are way better than many of their kind.


One comment on “Sound Of The Sirens – Mesmerising harmonies from Devon
  1. Thank you so much for this lovely write up. I especially like ‘they are way better than many of their kind’ ……that’s great to hear that. We’ve worked very hard over the last few years, with jobs and distance between us all at times, but we are passionate and dedicated and extremely stubborn and this helps to keep us motivated and inspired. But the best push you can get is a great write up like this from someone who follows live music and is interested in promoting unsigned bands…… thank you thank you thank you. We hope to see you at some of our gigs in the future.
    From all the sirens , the guitars and the stomp too!!!

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