Secrets For September – sublime prog from Devon/Cornwall

You know how it is when you are involved with music, you end up meeting other people in the same game. Sometimes it is in bizarre circumstances, like you get run over by a bus and the paramedic is the guitarist in a wild rock band that you think you might even have heard of.

This time it was a bit more expected, because I was buying some PA equipment via Ebay and naturally the seller is into music. So I drove through the snow, which by the way was really no big deal despite the police officially closing the road, and got to his house in Torpoint where we had a coffee and a chat about this and that and then got to the PA.

Stacked with the gear that I was buying were two huge bass bins, a bass head, and a guitar case. Now call me Sherlock if you like but I had a sneaking suspicion that this guy just MIGHT play bass. So of course we ended up talking about that and the fact that he is in a band. They are called “Secrets For September” which I think is an excellent name. If you google it you get exactly what you are looking for.

I grilled him about it, is it covers of originals? Originals.
What sort of stuff is it? It’s kinda like Pink Floyd a bit Zeppelin.

Well what would you do? Of course I tell him I write a blog about unsigned bands and stuff like that and could he text me the link. He did better than that, he gave me an E.P. “The Festival E.P.”

I’m listening to it now. There are four tracks

  1. To Behold
  2. Upside Down
  3. Traces
  4. Reflections


There is a very strong Pink Floyd feel to this in the form of the keyboard sounds but also there is a hint towards Rick Wakeman in the twisty Moog sounds on, for example, Upside Down.

The guitar on To Behold certainly has a Gilmour feel and the solo gives way to a Moog which hints at Yes (or Rick Wakeman again). Another band that springs to mind when hearing this is The Reasoning, who as anyone who knows me will know are one of my favourite current unsigned bands.

The vocals on To Behold and Reflections are delivered by Ellie Taylor who had a very sweet voice.
According to the website the vocals on Upside Down and Traces are by their previous singer Marina O’Shea and also Dave Hollwill on Bass, who has since been replaced with JP Stevenson from whom I bought my stuff.

I have been informed by Matthew North (see comment below) that all the vocals and bass on the E.P. are by Ellie and JP, only the single versions have the earlier members on them. I must admit that very much explains why the vocals all sound like they are from the same person.

Sometimes the vocals sound just the tiniest bit off kilter but I wouldn’t trade that for an auto-tuned over engineered sound any day. At least you know you are getting exactly what she is delivering.

The band were formed in 2009 and have played a number of big festivals in 2012 and have been featured on BBC radio a number of times.

Led by Matthew North who  plays guitars and synths and writes or at least co-writes most of the songs, he has been involved in the music industry since leaving university with a band called All Living Fear which has been going with different line ups ever since. He also runs the official fan club for Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, which is quit an unexpected little fact to turn up, and probably explains the band’s supporting slots with the original God of Hell Fire.

As if that was not enough Matthew also guests on BBC local radio in the South West on the ‘Late Show’ with Vic Morgan. So the band are well placed to get opportunities to air their music.

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2 comments on “Secrets For September – sublime prog from Devon/Cornwall
  1. Hi there, Thanks for the kind words, just to clarify, on the cd ‘The Festival EP’ ALL The vocals are by Ellie Taylor and all the Bass is by JP, the early single releases are indeed with O’Shea and Holwill but were re recorded for the CD version.

    Best wishes


    • Kingdon says:

      Oh thanks for that Matthew, and sorry for the error. I will correct it but leave it clear that it is a correction, so that your comment will make sense.

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