New Messiahs – Are they my new favourite band?

They’re not the messiah,
but they are a very good band!

A four piece hailing from Doncaster/Barnsley. (Not Bethlehem)


Once again with thanks to Federal Radio for introducing me to this enthusiastically unfashionable (their own words) band.

The New Messiahs are

  • Paul Mainon – Vocals
  • Lee Mainon – Guitars & vocals
  • Roger Barnett – Bass (and, lately, promoting Federal Radio)
  • Bob Wynne – Drums

So here’s the thing right, (and I want you to PROMISE to keep reading after you read this next bit, PLEASE) ………………………
they remind me REALLY strongly of Paul McCartney…………….
No, come BACK, seriously, think about it.
The reasons why Sir Paul has become unfashionable have more to do with his character and the fact that he is still performing long after he should have quit.

Think back to Wings. “Band On The Run”, “Jet”, “Live And Let Die”, “Silly Love Songs”, “Maybe I’m Amazed”; you can’t tell me, if you know and remember those songs that you hate Paul McCartney.
I know what you hate; you hate The Frog Song, his marriage to Heather Mills, and his woeful performance at the London Olympics.

So DON’T blame this band for having what is, after all, only a passing resemblance to the former bass player, vocalist, and songwriter of one of the greatest bands ever to have existed.

Besides it is only a resemblance. Take for example “Nobody Wants Me (‘Til I’m Taken)” one of four tracks that are freely available to stream from Soundcloud or Facebook boasts a vocal line worthy of Dave Lee Roth, and a horn section that would grace any classic jazz big band. There is a gorgeous, ear pleasing, little flute break, some solo sax, an earful of trumpet, the full renaissance bit, you might say.

Lyrically, The New Messiahs are certainly not the sort to write one verse and just bang out the chorus fifty times and call it a day. If there is a key change it is not because they were desperate to drag the song out to a full three minutes.

The Kids Are With You“, give a very faint, probably unintentional nod towards Madness. In fact, even though I hear it quite clearly you may well wonder what the hell I am talking about. It is probably the most driving of the four tracks, the most post-punk, though that comparison is stretching it as well. I love the vocals on these songs, solid, tuneful, powerfully delivered and I can clearly make out the lyrics.

Long Way Home” probably has the most Macca like signatures, with a kind of walking BIM-BOM BIM-BOM bass line and Macca-esque vocals, although for the life of me I can’t place which song it is reminding me of. In some ways it is the lyrical content, which does not rely entirely on some aspect of love for its inspiration.

Daydreams of Saturdays,
grazed knees and roller skates

at three o’clock I run as fast as my legs will carry me
spend my money up the old parade
on candy cigarettes, and lemonade
my mother said no-one will take it off you
so put your coat on or you’ll catch your death from the cold
why don’t you do as you’re told
and when I see you there at the disco
there’s no dance for me
so I take the long way home and I’ll just live in hope so follow me

The song really swings along just like a kid walking along the road on a sunny day on his way to meet his mates and share candy cigarettes, and lemonade (quite probably without wiping the neck of the bottle between swigs)

There is a brilliant Kazoo outro for this tune which harks back to Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band (or perhaps Pink Floyd’ “Corporal Clegg”with the BVs singing do-doo-doo-do-doo-doo to fade, so not only a nod to Macca, but also to Neil Innes the man who brought us The Ruttles.

Final track for me to review here is “Lost Weekend” nothing to do with Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, this song revels in some subtle background Hammond organ that would be welcomed out into the foreground if I had anything to do with it.
It is intriguing that this is only a four piece and yet they have put together such immense and lush arrangements, such intricate songwriting is usually the preserve of bands working on their third or fourth successful album and not their debut e.p. on a shoestring budget.

Unless there is something I don’t know, like they are all fabulously wealthy, with parents who own a factory, or a chain of successful supermarkets, then this is genuinely an astounding musical achievement.
To be fair these chaps are not kids, and obviously know a thing or two, but still it is pretty damned impressive.

Their first full album is in the works now with the help of Sheffield producer Alan Smyth (Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, Reverend & the Makers, Richard Hawley) So maybe they Are ALL rich, or maybe they are just very very good and going to make a name for themselves.

I seriously hope so. The world needs music like this, it just doesn’t know it yet. But are they my new favourite band? Well that is hard going because it would mean replacing Pink Floyd. But they are certainly going to be an important addition to my favourite current unsigned bands that I trot out to impress people with my new music credentials. Certainly I will be looking forward to their new album with bated breath.


WEBSITE seems to be under construction but looks brilliant so far.

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