Indigo Child – Classic rock from the East Midlands.

Indigo Child

I got told about this band by a friend on Facebook, by the name of Darren. He is an old fan of Led Zep Too and a good judge of music if ever there was one. I must have given the band a cursory listen but you know how it is when you have so much else to distract you in life and you just don’t have time to give a new band the proper attention they deserve. Well I did that with Indigo Child.

A chance post from them saying that they are on Cambridge radio (105 FM) Tonight from 7pm to 9pm, led me to realise I needed to give them a proper hearing so I am doing so right now.
Promotional picture for Indigo Child's debut album, Whatever Remains. Track listing is given as Whatever Remains, Resist "The Kis", 1000 Miles, The Front Row, Empty Crowd, Reflections, Fadin Blue, Daydream Our Fate.


Indigo Child are

  • Ben Barker – Lead Guitar
    Sam Barker- Drums
    Ollie Eastwood – Hammond Organ and Synthesizers
    Sandy Thompson – Vocals/Acoustic Guitar

There is only the one track available for free streaming on their facebook profile. That is usually enough, people should BUY music by unsigned bands, not get given it all. Having said that I’m totally skint at the moment but hope to have some spare money in a few months. Got a lot of albums to catch up on then.

Review of Whatever Remains

“Whatever Remains” is five minutes of splendid, most enjoyable, slightly proggy rock. It starts off with some strange effects and stomping percussion  creating an unusual mix of  Pink Floyd “Pow-R Toc-H” and “Astronomy Domine” with Gary Glitter’s “D’You Wanna Be In My Gang?” (It is alright, that doesn’t make them pedos!!!)

It settles down into a good solid classic rock groove underpinned by a funky Hammond line courtesy of Ollie (good name) and plenty of mainly comprehensible lyrical content delivered by Sandy Thompson.


Indigo Child’s debut album is now avaialable via their website either as a physical CD or a download.

There are lots of subtle changes in the groove as Ben Barker’s guitar solo wah-wahs like crazy and then they take it all right down with long sustained flowing chords and tippety-tappety cymbals and toms from Sam Barker (presumably Ben’s brother) who is solid throughout  Then it all starts coming back up with the Hammond to the fore, in an almost Jon Lord signature style. The guitar rejoins the organ and the whole band enjoys a brief, momentum building, interplay before the vocals come back and take it to the finish.

Because there is only the one song to listen to, I have had it on the whole time of writing this and it is still fresh. In fact it is only getting better.

I am looking forward now to introducing this band to Federal Radio, and to a few contacts which, if they haven’t already got to, then they definitely should.

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