Con-Tribute – fundraising and theft awareness mini festival


Raising money for Connor MacKay

Also raising awareness of theft and burglary

The Ilfracombe musical community joining forces to help one of our own.
Connor MacKay, singer, guitarist, and artist.

Connor MacKay who has been a victim of theft and burglary three times in a week.

Connor MacKay is an artist, singer, and guitarist who is also partially sighted. He is currently in his third year studying for an Art Degree at Petroc and recently had the misfortune to have his laptop (provided by the college) stolen while he was on the bus. As if that were not enough his flat was burgled twice in two days.

As soon as the news began to spread an idea was hatched by fellow musicians Peter Bradshaw and Kelly Render to hold a fundraising gig to help Connor with the financial side of replacing his stuff. Sadly there is nothing that can be done to replace those items of sentimental value.

Within a very short space of time thanks to the medium of multi-user messaging on facebook it was clear that a host of local musicians wanted to get involved. Many of them are good friends of Connor’s having seen and jammed with him at The Chill Bar, and other venues over the years.

Falling Apart, punk covers (tribute) band

Falling Apart. – From left to right
Noel Grummitt, Greg Schofield, Kelly Render, Andrew Argyle, Peter Bradshaw.

In fact it soon became clear that there were so many bands and solo artistes, and so many venues offering their services that it would be necessary to spread the benefit gig out over a whole day across several venues.

The day begins at the Pier Tavern with a couple of bands performing there, and then moves on to the Sandpiper, then The Brittannia, The Ship and Pilot, Prince of Wales, George and Dragon, and on up Fore Street to the Chill Bar, and finally along the High Street to Buddy’s Live Lounge for the grand finale.

Bands involved include in no particular order and by no means limited to these (I have included links if I know them but not to personal profiles.)


The event is being sponsored by The Olden Group in association with
Taylors Solicitors and Ilfracombe Round Table.

All the venue owners have agreed to donate the money they would normally pay the bands to the cause, the bands, sound engineers, promoters, lighting techs, and everybody else will be offering their services free, and if I know our town there will be donations of goods and services from all the local shops and businesses to be raffled off.

In fact it is highly likely that there will be far more money raised than Connor could possibly need simply to replace his stolen stuff, so the organisers may be faced with the nice problem of what to do with the remaining money. Already they have given a clue by saying that this is going to be about raising awareness of the problem of theft and burglary so perhaps the money will be used in some way to help that cause.

The reaction to the call has been so great that there has even been talk of this becoming a regular event. But maybe we should wait and see how much hair Peter, and Kelly have left at the end of this one.

Incidentally if anyone in the North Devon area has been offered any of the following to purchase (even if faulty or broken)  Please contact the police so that they can check it out.

  • Dell i5 laptop
  • Finlux 32-inch television, 
  • Play Station 3 and games, 
  • an internet hub, 
  • a Marshall Practice amplifier, 
  • a gold pocket watch plus his DVD collection of more than 600 movies.


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