Tankus The Henge live gig review

Forgive me father for I have sinned

It has been a week since my last blog.

I have been wanting to write about this band for a while now, so there may well be a few posts in the next few days.

Tankus The Henge live at The Beaver Inn, Appledore, North Devon.

So the back story is that I heard this band on Federal Radio, which is so often the start of a new musical love affair for me.

The song was “Smiling Makes The Day Go Quicker” which is a jaunty little number that vaguely reminded me of Pink Floyd’s Jugband Blues from “A Saucerful of Secrets” however the resemblance is superficial on that song and doesn’t carry on through the rest of the repertoire.

The band have been around for a few years now with the line up being reasonably stable. They have songs available for streaming, including some for free download, on a variety of sites, so of course I started checking out some of the other tracks. I also played some to my kids to get their reaction which was extremely positive, especially from my sixteen year old son who started visualising an entire musical based on the songs.

Left to right, Tim Fulker (guitar) Will Stanley (drums) Jaz Delorean (vocals/keys/etc) Louis Schultz-Wiremu (sax) Dan Mason (bass) and Jake Stoddart (trumpet)
Photo taken at the Beaver gig with my rubbish phone camera

Crossover styles

Musically, Tankus The Henge cross over a number of genres at once, with elements of Ska, Rock, Jazz, Gypsy folk, Show tunes, and Circus music.

The line up features Jaz Delorean on lead vocals, piano/keyboard, accordion, and trombone; Tim Fulker on Lead guitar, and Vocals; Dan Mason on Bass guitar, and Vocals; Will Stanley on Drums; Jake Stoddart playing Trumpet; and Louis Schultz-Wiremu playing Sax.

Louis Schultz-Wiremu (Sax) and Jake Stoddart (Trumpet)

The venue was packed to bursting point.

In my normal way I didn’t just decide to go to the gig, I wanted to tell everybody else about it, so I spammed everyone on facebook and told anyone who would listen without glazing over. In the end, the only people I know definitely went because of me, were my two teenage sons.

I needn’t have worried; when we arrived we could barely squeeze our ways through to the front by the stage and order three diet cokes, which we had to hold as there was nowhere to put them down.

Once the band started we were surrounded by several very attractive pirates, one of whom had a very large very annoying feather sticking out of her hat which kept flicking in our faces as she turned her head. Fortunately she removed the hat after a little while which was a relief.

I didn’t write any of the set list down meaning to try and scrounge a copy from the band at the end but I forgot. They definitely played, “Smiling Makes The Day Go Quicker”, “Recurring Dream”, “Orange Is The New Black”, “Trolley”, “Cakewalk” (Jaz forgot the words to the first verse) “Who’s Gonna Catch Ya”, “Deviationist Society”, and “Life Is A Grim Tale”, as well as several others. Notable by its absence was “Hat”.

“Don’t leave home without your hat, ’cause you might not be coming back.”

Live the band really make a show of their amazing set, the piano set up in the centre of the stage is beset with all sorts of strange brass instruments like something from a Jules Verne novel, and smoke billows copiously from the instrument during the show.

Jaz has strong vocals and notwithstanding the brief lapse in Cakewalk which probably went un-noticed by most, he sang impeccably whilst also bashing out some quite complex stuff on keyboards, as well as joining the horn section with his trombone when the need arose, and dancing around on the steps at the front of the stage whilst playing the accordion.

The guitarist Tim Fulker was not limited to playing the odd fills and chords but really led the tunes from time to time. He had a great sound which bordered on heavy rock on occasion with what looked like a Gibson through a Marshall, a la Jimmy Page, though I would not be surprised to be told it was an Epiphone. (I am certainly no expert on guitars)

Towards the end of the evening the lady pirates who we had shared the front of the stage area with were getting a little tipsy. One, who was attempting to dance whilst holding a glass of white wine seemed to spend more time licking the wine off her arms as it spilled, than she did drinking from the glass. All of them took turns to stroke my eldest son’s jacket which happened to be made of a very soft leather, and another found herself dancing ever closer to me as I backed up pretty much to the bar to give her room, much to my children’s amusement.

but a good time was had by all with no harm done and as so often happens the evening came to an end with the audience still wanting more.

I bought a copy of the bands’ eponymous album during the break, and also gave several pounds to a lovely couple who found they didn’t have enough cash on them, so that they could buy an album as well.

They then returned the favour by buying my next round of diet cokes using a debit card so we were even. in fact I was a couple of quid up I think.

All in all I can heartily recommend Tankus The Henge, live, and recorded. They are excellent in both formats.

As to my son’s musical, well it is only an idea with the mearest sketch of how it might work but the potential is there for a fantastic stage show with amazing visuals, if he can just find the right collaborators.

Tankus The Henge official website

Tankus The Henge on Facebook.
Tankus The Henge on LAST FM
Tankus The Henge on Reverb Nation
Tankus The Henge on Soundcloud
Tankus The Henge on Myspace




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  1. morton tooley says:

    the musical will happen!

    • Kingdon says:

      I hope so Morton.
      It is a really cool idea.
      By the way, your comment went into the spam folder but I found it just now and saved it.
      All the other 71 comments were correctly filtered out.

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