Landmark Beer festival 2013 Ilfracombe

Landmark Beer Festival 2013

Taking place between Friday evening 3rd May and bank holiday Monday 6t May 2013 the Landmark beer and music festival brings some of the best music acts from the local area and beyond together with a huge range of real ales, and an enthusiastic audience of locals and visitors alike.

All admission is free.

Opening the festival on the Friday evening at around 9.00pm are local band “Odds & 8 Balls“, who play a broad mixture of covers from Nu-Metal, to Hip-Hop, to classic rock.

All timings are of course subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.
Saturday’s programme features Heidi Such opening the proceedings at 2.00pm
at 3.15pm Sam Mayo and The Tuesday Syndicate, from Woolacombe, take the stage, followed by a band called The Rivals.

Now here I feel I must interrupt to say, yet again what a crap name for a band. As soon as you Google this you get pages and pages of results that have nothing to do with any band. Add in the word band and you still get a range of possibilities only some of which are actually bands. A search on Facebook reveals there are at least a dozen bands called The Rivals. OK it is not as bad as “Out Of The Blue” but it is still a terrible name.

Now, however, I am pretty confident that the one playing this festival is this one. They play a mix of British invasion Mod type stuff like For Your Love, and Can’t Explain.

Headlining the Saturday are a most excellent band called “Willie & The Bandits” notice straight away that a Google search will find this band in a moment. They are an absolutely superb bunch of musicians and are one of the main acts I am really looking forward to seeing.


Sunday’s entertainment kicks off with Daniel Adam, at 2.00 followed by Kiera Osment at 3.00
Kiera is a young lass who plays keys and sings her own compositions. With a talent that is way beyond her years, she exemplifies the wealth of talent that Ilfracombe produces. There are considerably more top notch musicians in this small town than many much larger ones.

Ilfracombe Rocks, is one of the reasons why there are so many brilliant young musicians in the town. The Landmark itself presides over a fantastic array of groups where kids can learn everything from ballet and tap, to musical theatre, acrobatics, singing, and of course playing musical instruments.

At 5.00 “Psylum”, featuring the incredibly talented Harvey Hudson, on lead guitar with the delightful and bubbly personality of Kelly Render with her powerful voice, ably backed by Peter Bradshaw on six string bass, and Matt Hyder sitting at the back driving everything forward.
Expect an explosion of rock songs and funky stuff to dance to, before they hand over to “Falling Apart” which coincidentally, also features the full frontal vocals of Kelly, backed by another talented bunch of musicians, and performing a set of punk classics from seventies pioneers like the Sex Pistols to modern day bands like Green Day.

To finish off Saturday’s music at 9.00pm you have “The Richard O’Brien Project” who you can tell are taking it seriously because they have a proper website, youtube, facebook, CDbaby, Soundcloud, and even a Twitter account. From Bristol, their sound is jazzy, funky, soulful and bluesy, but don’t take my word for it.

On Monday there is another treat in store with Sound Of The Sirens, but first off at 2.00pm “Peter Crawford” from Saltash provides original acoustic folk songs. Then at 4.30 “Sound Of The Sirens” are three girls two guitars and a  stomp box. They weave mesmeric harmonies and they perform mainly original songs, and entrance any stray sailors who hear their siren song. Facebook page.

Following them is the vibrant and enthusiastic band, “Zamba” already regulars at the Pavillion with their exciting reggae and ska influenced tunes.

So all in all, a promising weekend of fun, sun, beer, and music.
OK we we can guarantee three of those. Let’s just hope Mr. Sun feels like coming out to play as well and it will be perfect.


Poster for this year’s Landmark Beer Festival


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