Badly Worn Toy – Gig dates

Badly Worn Toy at The Palladium, Bideford.

Yes, I am banging on about my own band again. If you have a problem with that, feel free to write a guest blog post about your band and tell everyone how wonderful you are.
As long as you can write a reasonable quality article, without too much bias, and avoiding nasty negativity towards the competition then I would love to publish it.

So the band are spreading out a tiny bit from our little corner of North Devon. I contacted The Palladium in Bideford, hoping to plant a seed that would grow into a gig booking in the future. Assuming that we would need to play a pub venue in the town first to get known, and give the people there a chance to see us, but instead the response was, “Hi mate, yes BWT are on the radar !! , heard good reports through the grapevine.”

Well well well, it is very gratifying. We do know that lots of people have come to our gigs, in Braunton and Ilfracombe, from out of town, and many people have told us how good we are, but it is nice to know that they are also telling other people the same thing.

So we have made a booking for the Palladium on Saturday 31st August.

To make it more interesting, and as it is our first time in a new town, we have asked our very good friends “Psylum” to appear as special guests.

Psylum features our very own Harvey Hudson, also on lead guitar, along with Peter Bradshaw on bass, who we are hoping to poach as our keyboard player in the future, and Kelly Render on vocals, who occasionally joins us on stage for the odd song. Drummer Matt Hyder is a potential dep for Badly Worn Toy, and indeed our drummer Gareth has stepped in to cover for Matt, when he has been ill for a Psylum gig. So as you can see, it is all very cosy between the two bands, and we plan to bring everybody on stage for the final couple of numbers for an extra special finish to an extra special gig.

Regular readers of this blog (are there any?) may already know that Peter Bradshaw was inspired by the post Bass Desires to write and record his own tune using only the bass guitar. This tune is now a regular feature of the music that we play in the run up to a Badly Worn Toy gig, must to his consternation, as he is very modest.

For all other gig listings for Badly Worn Toy, you can visit our facebook events page at

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