The Who – tribute bands

It may surprise you to know that there aren’t very many tributes to the Who

The Who were, in my opinion the number one band of the sixties.
Yeah, I know everyone always goes on about The Beatles, and The Stones, “Ooooh, who was better The Beatles, or The Stones?”

To which I always reply “The Who!”

Not that you should have to place great bands in some sort of hierarchy  They are like children, if there was a fire, you wouldn’t rush in and save all the Zeppelin albums and leave Pink Floyd on the shelf.
You wouldn’t leap to save a copy of “Songs From The Wood” but allow “The Fall and Rise of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars” to fly unrescued out of the window.

No, you either like a piece of music or you don’t. Maybe there are five levels, from 1 = really can’t bear to listen to it – up to 5 can listen to over and over without ever tiring.

Anyway, I digress; I maintain a list of websites for The Who tribute bands.
It only includes sites that are predominantly in English.
And you may be surprised to learn that there are only four sites on the list, two from the UK, and two from the USA.

I’m sure there must be more than that, but I did a search and came across a fansite which had a list of Who tributes as well.
I have just gone through all the sites listed and I haven’t added any. They were all either closed down, or in German, or an old unused myspace page.

So if anybody knows of one that I have missed then please mention them in the comments.

Meanwhile here are the four I know about.

  • Who’s Next – Based in the USA, east coast. Contains photographs, show schedule, biography, reviews and video clips.
  • Who’s Next – Based in the UK. Includes gig listings, news, forum, photographs, audio and video, repertoire, links, and contact details.
  • (I have seen these and they are amazing. Got the looks, and especially got the moves. The sounds are absolutely spot on as well, which is of course the most important thing)
  • Who’s Who – Based in the UK. Includes news, gig listings, photographs, merchandise, and links.
  • Wholigans, The – Based in Florida, USA. Concentrating on the “Live At Leeds” era. Includes band biography, merchandise, photographs, video and audio, gig listings, message board, blog, and links.


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2 comments on “The Who – tribute bands
  1. Rod James says:

    Hiya Ive recently formed a Who trib band calles Who R U? were still in rehersals at the moment so havent sorted a web site yet. Were based in Wales UK soon as we sort a web site I,ll let you know if thats ok?. The band have gigs in the book starting Oct 2013 were concentrating more on the music and sound instead of the curly wigs and skeleton suits! cheers Rod

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