Genuine Aspect – Classical Prog Metal – from Vienna

Genuine Aspect

Viennese prog metallers with a classical twist

I am a sucker for a genre busting band, if only to hear how someone has combined progressive rock with punk, or Irish folk with metal.

Here we have a band consisting of Bass, Cello, Drums, Guitar, and Violin; hailing from a city that is almost synonymous (in my mind) with classical music, Vienna; home of the Viennese waltz; associated with Mozart, Schubert, Hayden, Strauss and others too numerous to mention.

Yet the music is very much instrumental Progressive Metal, with the strings brought in for a different sound. It is not much influenced by classical music that I am aware of, much beyond the use of those instruments.

It is difficult for me to make comparisons, but I would say that they are a little heavier than “The Reasoning” and not as heavy as Rammstein, for the sake of argument. Not that that really tells you much.

You can give them a listen on their soundcloud and you can check out their facebook page 

This is another band that commented on my blog with a link, (the violinist Daniel Alves da Silva posted the comment) and I decided to write a post about them.
(Always remember to keep the comments relevant and reasonably well written though please, and the links to music related websites only.)

Genuine Aspect are

  • Moritz Browa – Bass
  • Leonhard Roczek – Cello
  • Peter Kernstock – Drums
  • Julian F.X. Dölcher – Guitar
  • Daniel Alves da Silva – Violin


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