Smoking Buffalo and the benefit of intelligent self promotion

Smoking Buffalo, punk band from Clacton-On-Sea

If you are in a band and you want to get known you have to put yourself about a bit. That is just what Grant Masters, drummer with Smoking Buffalo did by posting a comment and link on my blog. He did get the soundcloud link wrong, giving it as a address instead of .com but no matter. I found it anyway, as well as their facebook page

Smoking Buffalo have three demo tracks on their soundcloud page, and even though they are demos, they are of fairly good quality. Not that the band is after a hi-fi sound being a very raw, and gritty punk band with rough gravelly vocals.

The tempo of the three songs is slower than you would normally associate with punk, in fact if it is possible to have stoner-punk then this band may just have invented it.

I would suggest that they should send music to Federal Radio and to XRP radio, (see radio stations page) even in the current form, they will more than probably play it.

They should also get in touch with Doozer McDooze and his band Deferred Sucess as there may be some cross pollination regarding gigs in the future. They are from Southend.


The band are – Jake James – Lead Singer & Songwriter, Darren Griffiths – Lead Guitar, Ben Saunders – Rhythm Guitar, Grant Masters – Drums, Zak Simmons – Bass


One comment on “Smoking Buffalo and the benefit of intelligent self promotion
  1. Ian James says:


    you’re one of the best mate. To go ahead and research an artist and go the extra mile of then promoting them, its obvious you’re about the bands/music and not about making Gubic or your blog or yourself the star… more blog writers, radio, and reviewers should be like you. Sometimes I find they come across as the “cool kids” and to have them pay your music any attention is excruciating, but not you mate, you’re open and accessible and a true ambassador to the underground/unsigned. Thanks.

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