Sort of introducing The Uninvited – I already wrote about them though

The Uninvited original rock band from Wales

OK, well I have had their lead singer, Andy Bellis, on my Facebook friends list for a while now, and for the life of me I couldn’t say when or how we connected. This happens a lot because I have a rubbish memory.

Now most recently I noticed a post that Andy put up, about being refused entry to a live music gig for not knowing the lead singer’s name. This blew up into a big media frenzy when NME wrote about it, and every other blogger, and news organisation jumped at the story.

The Uninvited, Brendan Griffiths, and Andy BellisI wrote a blog post about this under the subject A Masterclass in how to turn a bad thing into positive PR but guess what? I still hadn’t actually taken the time to listen to Andy’s band!
“For shame”, I hear you cry, but wait, for who here is without sin?
Think back, did one of your mates ever say they were in a band, and ask you to check them out?
Did you hear about a great band from a friend but never even visit the link that they posted on your wall??
You know it! So don’t go casting the first stone in your musical greenhouse.

So, I expect you can imagine how nervous I was when I went over to their Reverbnation profile. I mean; what if they were crap? What if it was just random screaming, or the singer was flat, or there was just a lifeless generic sound; what IF, they sounded like Coldplay???

Well you have to hit the play button to find out, and I was greeted by a good solid, real sounding drum beat, and a keyboard sound that at first led me to think this might be a little bit prog, but it isn’t prog. It is actually quite good retro eighties synth rock. Yeah, just a little bit New Wave, a hint of Tubeway Army about it.

It really is a turn-up for the books; quite frankly, serendipitous; could be Duran Duran in places, or even; a more manly Soft Cell. Especially “Ghosts In The Mirror”.

I reckon this band ought to exchange notes with Ian James who I reviewed a little while ago. He is from the East Coast USA, and maybe if both artists work together they could both gain a significant number of new fans, and who knows maybe even set up a gig exchange in the future.

That is what GUBIC is supposed to be all about. bands working together for each other, and to their mutual benefit.

I’ve been banned from interacting with Facebook pages for a week, for reasons I cannot even begin to guess at, but The Uninvited have one here and a Soundcloud profile here.

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