Rawshank – Indie with a hint of sixties retro from Cambridge and London

Introducing Rawshank, from London and Cambridge

Rawshank Logo from their Facebook page

This is another one of those bands that have introduced themselves to me via this blog. If you are in a band trying to get noticed you need to put yourself about a bit.

Blogs like this welcome comments from genuine musicians and music lovers. It makes such a pleasant change from all the spam comments. So if you comment on this post about your band, and add a link to your website or social media page, I WILL approve the comment. The least you will get is another link back which can only help your Google rankings. If I like your stuff I will write a post about it.

I get the impression that Rawshank haven’t been together for very long. There is very sparse information about them on their Facebook page  and only a smattering of “likes” at the moment. I’m sure that will change.

Their style is quite refreshing and innocent. It sort of puts me in mind of the Manchester/Liverpool indie scene of the 80s and 90s, as in the whole  Inspiral Carpets, Boo Radleys, Lightning Seeds, Seahorses, Shed 7 sort of thing, but then with a look back towards the sixties with lots of “baa baa ba-da-da-da” kind of backing vocals. Mind you, having a re-listen to some of those bands I just mentioned they aren’t short of a few lah lah lah’s in the background either.

As you can tell from this video they like to have a bit of fun.


You can check out their first two tracks on their Soundcloud page 
I’m not going to write at great length about them right now as I expect they will come up again at some point, and in truth, I haven’t found out very much information about them.

More details on the Facebook page, a website, etc, all would be useful to get the message out there. Press and media types love to have ready made copy that they can just drop into an article. I prefer lots of facts that I can rework into my own style, but either way, an update is needed lads.



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