Unsigned bands looking for media exposure – check out American Media Distribution

Unsigned bands – Looking for media exposure?

Respected organisation, American Media Distribution
is interested in writing about unsigned originals bands.

I received an email from a reader. It said

I saw that you were looking to hear from places that help unsigned bands.
I wanted to share this with you because it ended up being some good free publicity for our band. They didn’t ask our band for anything.

This news firm American Media Distribution did an article on our band and the guy from this assignment desk said that they do articles on unsigned bands a lot. So I thought I would just shoot this contact your way.

A reporter did our actual interview but this guy set it up. James Reed j.reed@americanmediadistribution.com

I replied to her, and then immediately dashed off an email to James Reed, with a series of questions. I got his response the following day (obviously with him being on another continent that was pretty swift).
The reply read like a perfect interview and I have just had to cut and paste it (and reformat it) from the email into this post, with a few notes of explanation

  1. What are your criteria for following up a story about an unsigned band?

    *** They are;

        • They have to have music posted somewhere online
        • They have to have been doing music (individual or artist) for at least a year
        • They need to be considering it as a professional career and not a hobby
        • They would have to be reliable as to keeping an interview appointment or in-person appointment – if they are flakey they will be dropped like a hot potato
        • They HAVE TO HAVE original music – no cover or ‘tribute/hommage’ bands
        • They have to be over the age of 18 (to possibly sign a consent for us to print their picture, name of band and so on – consent forms are not 100%-depends on the piece that is written and where it is distributed)


    Besides that, well they have to not sound terrible – but we would have one of our reporters examine each band on an individual basis and examine where they are located to see if we are having requests from that area about materials relating to local bands. ABSOLUTELY no band is 100% guaranteed to have an article written and distributed for them. We do it on a case to case basis, but welcome anyone to apply for consideration. We find many “diamonds in the rough”.

  2. Is there a geographical element? Most of my users are from the UK.

    *** Absolutely not. There is no restriction. We are international and many of our articles are local in the UK.

  3. Does there need to be a specific “story” or “angle”?

    *** With our reporter pool being the second largest in the world next to the AP there seems to be an ever growing want/need for articles relating to underground and “garage” band materials and reporters to cover them. Also, there always seems to be interesting back stories when they are interviewed. Obviously any really interesting stories that exist would put that band in the lead for qualifying to be selected for a story.

  4. Who should bands contact who think they may have something worthy of your attention?

    *** You can feel free to give them my email address or my direct number here in the US 888-319-6336 x708 and I will direct them to the respective reporter. If they are selected for a person to person interview we will direct it to one of our UK reporters. Many times we do ‘phoners’ as well.

  5. Is there a specific website that I should direct people to?

    *** Well, not that pertains directly with band interviews, no. You can always direct them to our main site www.americanmediadistribution.com

  6. Is there anything that you would especially like me to tell people?

    *** Not specifically but I am happy to share the fact that American Media Distribution has interviewed many artists before they have become famous. Kind of another reason we do this. Our doors are open and we always love new stories about bands and their struggle to make it in the highly competitive world of music. We do this for amateur actors and others in the art world. The company obviously has an interest in selling the content but helping these smaller struggling artists get their name out there we feel is a brilliant thing to do as well.

    The company actually dedicates a lot of resources and coop funds to charities, the arts, music artists and so on because it’s just good business in the end. The company image means a lot to them.

    I hope I have answered all of your questions to your satisfaction, and please feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions or require clarification on any of these matters.

    Having read these conditions carefully a few times, I think they are more than reasonable. The company obviously does not want to be writing articles about bands that have no intention of progressing beyond playing a few gigs to their mates for a bit of a laugh, or the sort of bands that may have split up before the article can go to press.

    However, those bands who are treating the business side of music as a business (and there is absolutely no shame in that) should definitely get in touch and see where it takes them. The only guarantee is that if you don’t ask you don’t get.

    To contact James send an email to j.reed@americanmediadistribution.com


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One comment on “Unsigned bands looking for media exposure – check out American Media Distribution
  1. David Pixley says:

    Hey you! I have a vague recollection of sending you a message, a long while back.

    I stumbled upon a page that was about my art, music, sound engineering, and creative writing; and the website mentioned your site, so I was wondering if you had something to do with publishing that web page about my works.

    I wanted to thank you, if it was in fact you that shared my stuff!

    The page about me is here:

    It is very detailed and lists a bunch of my online web pages and projects!!

    I noticed that it says my hometown is Las Vegas (which is where I am from), but I relocated to Aliso Viejo, CA. I’m looking to play some shows in the LA, SD, or OC areas. Do you know of anybody who would book me?


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