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Introducing Musobox

online directory for musicians

I friend of mine on Facebook is involved with this site which has been set up fairly recently. Musobox is for musicians to showcase their talents, helping them to form or join bands, or to promote their band or solo work.

I know there are countless ways of promoting yourself and a lot of people only want to have one online presence e.g. Facebook or a website to deal with, but I believe that having as many places where your band can be seen is usually a good thing.

This site is not really aimed at building your band’s fan base though. It is more about networking with other musicians and finding key personnel to fill a role in the band. Hence the muso search feature. As it is a new site, you will not be surprised to know that there are not thousands of musicians in the database yet but it is building steadily, and could prove to be a useful resource. With the site being founded by musicians from Brighton in Sussex, it is not surprising that most of the people who have joined so far are also from around that area, but there are already people from Aberdeen to Walthamstow and beyond.

The founders of the site are keen to keep it free, although I have suggested that they could and should incorporate some advertising to help offset the costs of hosting and setting it all up.

Check the site out if you are looking to join a band, or form a band. If you take a look at a typical member profile Dave Neale, you will see that it allows for a range of links including website, Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, Soundcloud etc etc; and a maximum of three photos, three audio tracks and a video. The simple streamlined format forces you to display your best side and avoids the confusion of wildly varying profiles,  CV style, making it easier to browse for the right potential band member. Emails and phone numbers can be included, allowing you to contact the musicians directly.


All in all, it looks like a useful site to check out.


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