Album review – Songs 4 U – by Doozer McDooze

Songs 4 U – by Doozer McDooze

Album of songs chosen by winning ebay bidders

This blog is about two separate stories revolving around one album

The first story is about Doozer McDooze, folk punk singer songwriter from Southend in Essex, and his “outside the envelope” idea to sell the “right to chose a song subject” to the highest bidder on Ebay.

Here’s what he did; he posted an e-bay listing for “the right to chose what he would write a song about”. The winning bidder simply had to tell Doozer what they wanted the song to be about and he would do the rest.

There were exactly twelve listings (to make up a twelve track album) offered over a period of twelve weeks, and the winning bids ranged from about twenty pounds up to around forty pounds, or thereabouts. So before he recorded the album he had made somewhere in the region of three hundred quid, which would go some way to cover the costs of recording.

I won the bidding on a track, and decided to give him a couple of sets of lyrics to do with whatever he wanted. The result was track 3 “Liar Liar” which is basically a rant about our hypocritical politicians who tell us to be honest, but then cheat and steal behind our backs.

The second story is the review of the album itself

You can find the album on Bandcamp, which I reviewed recently and I reckon is arguably the best way for artists to sell their music, and the best way for fans to buy it. One of the nice things about Bandcamp that I discovered while writing that article was that you can drop the entire thing into a blog post really easily.

Like this…….

The track listing is as follows

  1. Terry Lost His Car at Glastonbury 06:00
  2. Pixie Of Angel Gardens 05:25
  3. Liar Liar 02:24
  4. Kevins Boys 03:12
  5. To Rachel and Alexis 03:44
  6. Chequers Check it Out! 03:53
  7. Toska’s Temptation 03:43
  8. Hammosmiths 04:47
  9. England is Beautiful 05:37
  10. Watch Out Its the Miller Boys! 02:54
  11. Anyway Back to Me 03:08
  12. The Journey to Rainbows End 03:50


Now this is folk/punk (I do love a crossover) so It is not all shiny and polished with slick beats and auto-tuned vocals. The lyrics are often cheeky, there is a fair bit of swearing, and Doozer does this lovely thing where he drops out of singing and just speaks (or shouts)

“Terry Lost His Car…” has loads of swearing in it, and mentions of seventy mushrooms and is, broadly speaking, hilarious. Pixie of Angel Gardens includes a variety of people including children saying “honk honk” that were sent in to Doozer by friends and fans.

Track three is the one with my lyrics, which I think Doozer has done a better job of interpreting than I did when I first wrote the song. In fact I’d quite like to record it myself sometime, with his tune, but maybe a bit more heavy rock and a bit less punk in style.

Inevitably the songs vary greatly in subject as random auction winners got to pick them. I suspect that a lot of the auction winners were also friends of Doozer and their stories may well have been familiar to him.

“Kevin’s Boys” is quite amusing, “To Rachel and Alexis” seems to be a wedding celebration, “Chequers Check It Out” is an advert for a pub in Billericay, which I suspect may well get played a lot in the pub!

“Toskas Temptation” is a sort of folk/punk/techno track (is that even possible?) not my favourite track to be honest, “Hammosmiths” I think is about a band? “England is Beautiful” is a blatant excuse to sing a list of rude and funny place names! Brilliant!

“Watch Out It’s The Miller Boys” sounds like it is about somebody’s unruly kids, “Anyway Back To Me” is another one with a bit of a techno feel, which is also not my cup of tea, but it would be a funny old world if we all liked the same thing. “The Journey To Rainbow’s End” is a rather strange somewhat psychedelic spoken word piece, with some poignant lyrics about environmental issues, it also has echos of Stay Like This Forever, which was Deferred Sucess’ smash hit festival anthem of 2012.

You can buy the entire album for as little as $0.00 which is equivalent to £0.00 or €0.00 ; however you are also permitted to pay as much as you like and I would strongly urge you to pay something. Even if it is only a dollar. Please remember that musicians have a very hard time making any money for all the hard work they put in, and this blog is just a very small part of the attempt by lots of like minded people to redress the balance.


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