Strange but nice idea, give your used strings to needy musicians in the third world.

Who needs strings?

What an interesting idea, it has never occurred to me because I don’t play guitar, but apparently a lot of guitarists will change all their strings routinely on a regular basis.

I started thinking about this after seeing this link on Facebook posted by Matt Cohen of The Reasoning. The last band I was in for any length of time, the guitarist would hardly ever change his strings. More often than not they would break a string during a gig, and either switch guitars mid song, or on at least one occasion, signal to me to play harmonica, while they changed the string there and then during the song. I had to keep mugging away for about five minutes until they stood up and took over the helm once more.

So I asked around and was told that it varies from player to player, but that changing all the strings every two or four gigs, and more often during recording, is perfectly common. All these strings are still usable but not as good, just like tyres with no tread left will still work but are no longer legal in the UK.

And just as tyres, and old vehicles, often end up transported to Africa to continue for many years after they would fail a British M.O.T. guitar strings can also be sent to aspiring musicians in countries where strings are hard to come by.

So this site set up by Janek Gwizdala, and supported by Liam Wilson of Dillinger Escape Plan, and James Valentine of Maroon 5 among others, aims to collect all those unwanted used strings and send them off to musicians who are even less fortunate than you or I.

Good plan. Check it out.


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