Shameful Behaviour – good old honest Heavy Metal from London

Introducing Shameful Behaviour

London based heavy metal band

Sometimes the source of inspiration for a blog post is something heard on unsigned radio, other times, it is a recommendation from a friend, or a band member posts about their band on this blog.

But I am, or at least try to be, a nice bloke who doesn’t hold grudges, or keep enemies if at all possible. So if I tell you I came across this band as a direct result of a lengthy argument on a Facebook thread about climate change you should not be too surprised.

I won’t go into details but I think I had the best of the argument, and then I noticed that the chap (Mark Simpson) I was arguing with was a guitarist. So out of interest I popped over to his profile and from there found out his band name “Shameful Behaviour” and checked them out.

Happily the music was pretty good and I feel I can write about them, thereby making up in some part for anything I may have said that was unkind. Mark is the lead guitarist and singer with the band, as well as the main songwriter, so in musical terms, I bow down to him, because all I can do is sing and write songs. Playing guitar, or indeed any musical instrument has always been beyond me.

Shameful Behaviour Logo

The sound is pretty straightforward heavy metal, think NWOBHM updated of course. Similar to Scarlet’s Wake who were one of the GUBIC bands in 2010 that got to the final twenty (only with a male vocal obviously).

No, it is not cutting edge, or particularly innovative, not everything has to be.
If you check out the video they have on their home page “Set Me On Fire” you will not be amazed at the way they have combined genres, or pushed the envelope, but if you like plenty of fast drums, shredding guitars, and powerful vocals, then you don’t want all that genre crossing nonsense anyway do you?

Undoubtedly they can all play brilliantly, and write catchy heavy-rock songs, and with an excellent website, Youtube, and other social media, and plenty of quality gigs across the south east, they are no doubt doing very well.

And I just also found out that Mark, like myself, has Aspergers syndrome. It says it on the website so I am not divulging anything confidential here.
Knowing that, I am now all the more understanding about why we ended up having a long running argument on social media. We “Aspies” are seldom wrong, and even if we are, we don’t like to admit it.

So my utmost respect to Mark, and to bass player Jimi King, and drummer Peter Haggart. Go check em out if you like it LOUD!

The band are signed to Red Admiral records, who are a small independent label based in Kent. They have a fairly substantial artist roster, including the likes of Roscoe Levee, and Fate The Juggler, that I am already familiar with, and many more that I am not.
Along with Cringe music publishing they offer artists an opportunity to get their music heard by a wider audience under their promotional umbrella, in exchange for a share of profits. Don’t expect them to pay for recording studio time or give you an up front payment because that isn’t the way record companies work these days (unless you are already a major artist of course) But you will get a wealth of experience in the form of CEO Chris Ashman who has been in and around the business for some decades.
Chris also runs which is the major gig guide for Kent county.

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