Hello, Hello Echo – from Los Angeles U.S.A. and Boston?

Introducing Hello Echo from Los Angeles

A spin off from the post about The Hertz Complex

Here’s a thing. I did a review about The Hertz Complex, and the only reason I did it (apart from liking their music) was because the lead singer commented on my blog here and ASKED me to.

That band went to Los Angeles and played a gig there but they needed a dep bass player. The bassist from local band Hello Echo, had an hour or so to familiarise himself with the set and away they went, very successfully I might add.

So it seemed only natural that I would check out Hello Echo and see what they were all about. Also Neil of Hertz Complex said they were worth a listen, and he was right.

The band have a slightly similar style to THC, that kind of post-punk alternative rock revival sound, Killers, Kasabian, Razorlight etc. They mention Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, and the Pixies, and I can agree with that too.

Title track of their three track e.p. “Coffee Cups” is uptempo with plenty of great screaming, terrific guitar work, quiet bits, and loud bits, build ups and drop downs. great to jump around to in a club, or mosh pit.

Country” is the most lo-fi with what sounds like a de-tuned bass rattling like a beetle in a skull, the vocals are so gravelly they sound like they might be being sung by a man with his dying breath. (In a good way!!)

I wrote it toois more traditional with acoustic guitar, and blues harmonica. A slow start and a gentle pace like horses trekking slowly through a desert landscape following a thousand head of cattle, all mooing and chewing the cud as they saunter slowly to the next watering hole.

The band consists of Sean Aylward (vocals, guitar) Mike Silva (drums, vocals) and Mike Sarno (bass). Sarno is the bass player who stood in with THC at short notice, so big ups to him.
Apparently they are all originally from Boston but ended up in the west coast. Well in an infinite number of universes that combination had to happen somewhere, so why not here.

Hello Echo Bandcamp is here

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