Pablo Eskimo, new album realeased

New album from Pablo Eskimo

Original GUBIC entrants from Scotland

This is as good an excuse as any to tell you about GUBIC originals Pablo Eskimo, from Scotland. They entered that first GUBIC competition back in 20010 that I kept harping on about. Reaching the final twenty with their superb punky rock and roll number “Bunny Boiler” it was short and sweet at a little over two minutes with a very infectious riff, bouncy rhythm, and pithy lyrics about a somewhat twisted relationship.

The video they made at the time was brilliant featuring Alaine Allison (bass and vocals) savagely mistreating a cute cuddly toy and also what I presume to be JonBoyGordon (drums vocals) and hamming it up beautifully. The trio is completed by guitarist Rob Rodden.

This is the original video. Another version is on the band’s own Youtube profile but it is only the audio file, of the newly re-recorded version.

Since then Alaine has married (I am going to jump to the conclusion that it is) the band’s graphic artist Chris Walls as credited on their Facebook; but the band remains, to the best of my knowledge, unchanged from then to now.

Although the band have been fairly quiet during the period between Bunny Boiler and now, they did release another single towards the end of 2010. “Dot Dot Dot” is a poke at the political system and the dubious privilege of being able to choose between the lesser of two or three evils. Longer and more serious than Bunny Boiler it still rolls in the dirtiest rock and roll muck it can find and then comes and wags its tail at you irresistibly.

Here’s the Dec 2010 video for ya

So after a bit of hiatus, albeit doing some live gigs and keeping in touch etc, the band have finally released a complete album. Judging by the quality they were holding on until they had it absolutely right. All killer no filler, as the saying goes.

The tracklisting is as follows

Dawn Of The Eskimo
  1. Dance Mofos 03:50
  2. Blip 04:13
  3. Morning After 03:48
  4. Bunny Boiler 02:13
  5. Wellied 05:35
  6. Kool 03:08
  7. Just Past Caring 04:54
  8. Devil in the Whisky Hole 04:45
  9. Dot Dot Dot 04:36
  10. Down On All Fours 06:39

Not very many of these songs are going to be available to hear on mainstream radio; not because they are not good, and not even because the band are not signed to a major label; but just because the radio is still a place where you cannot use expletives freely, unlike TV.

Dance Mofos” is less squeamish about the F word in the lyrics as it is in the title, opening with the whispered exhortation to do just that before launching into a frenetic upbeat stomper that should get mosh pits bouncing like crazy, though if you shake off your shoes then you do so entirely at your own risk and the management or the band cannot be held responsible for what happens to your poor feet under the stomp of Doc Martens.

Blip” is a tad slower and I find myself thinking that if, say, Clare Grogan had enrolled at Jack Black’s School of Rock, then this is not far off how she might have turned out. The song revels in some lovely tempo changes, dropping into a slow funky skank before gently speeding up and getting more rocky again.

Morning After” is unashamedly funky from the off with a teeny hint of jazziness to it. Here again is another tempo change and oh, some more whispered swearing. Nothing I wouldn’t play to my kids, but then again, I have long since given up the antiquated idea that one word is intrinsically worse than another.

Bunny Boiler” is a completely new recording (or is it a remix?) of the aforementioned GUBIC entry track, and jolly nice the new version sounds too. At least it is clean enough to play on the radio.

Next up is “Wellied” a much more melodic starting song although this time it slowly builds up pace to another fairly fast paced track, about getting wellied, slaughtered, mashed, mullered, sozzled, blotto, paralytic, pie-eyed, sozzled, or whatever term you prefer to use for inebriated.

There are some splendid guitar bits on “Kool” as well as lots of light and shade. Its got that quiet-loud -quiet-loud format that you associate with grunge. I bet this band have a hell of a lot of fun playing live.

Just Past Caring” is the gentlest on the album a swung blues tune taken at a jaunty walking pace as if in a good mood on a sunny day. Although the lyrics are not quite so happy go lucky.

Devil in The Whisky Hole” has a very melancholy air to it, with lyrics that suggest hidden depths. With a  folk song feel to it, as if it is telling a story. I have a sneaking suspicion that this will be a favourite of many as they get to know the album.

Dot Dot Dot” has already been mentioned above.

Last track is another slower one, with a definite reggae air to it, a slow skank accompanies most of it, at the pace of a man who has been enjoying a reefer as he strolls among the bluebells (Scots in this case).

The whole album is just about as dirty as a barrel-full of sweaty hedgehogs that has just been rolled across Pilton farm at the end of the Glastonbury festival, and as frenetic as a fat man with his trousers full of hungry ferrets.

I would recommend this to anybody who likes to jump about to music, or who just likes it a bit punky and a bit, or just to anybody really. Go for it.

Buy the album on Bandcamp for preference because that is the best way to ensure that the BAND gets most of the money. Please please please do not download illegally, or file share. These guys are not raking money in I assure you.



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