Progfathers – Genre tribute to the Golden age of Prog

Introducing “Progfathers”

Genre tribute to Prog rock’s golden era

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I found out about this new band via a mail shot sent to subscribers to Pink Fraud’s mailing list. Pink Fraud were the first Pink Floyd tribute band I saw, and are still the best. They played their final gig some years ago, bowing out under the pressure of the enormous number of other Floyd tributes touting their shows for peanuts.

Two former members of Pink Fraud (drummer Adam Aggiss and keyboardist Phil Burns) have teamed up with four other talented musicians; guitarist Tom Tattersall, multi-instrumentalist Eva Sillett, bassist Mike Farmer, and vocalist Tamás Csemez.

One of the things that made Pink Fraud stand out as a truly stunning tribute was their attention to detail and authenticity. They used a stack of WEM cabs behind them, all the right instruments, and they had recorded samples for all the sounds that could not be reproduced on stage, such as helicopters, telephones, or children playing. These were cued live and the whole was worked to a click track controlled with precision timing by drummer Adam.

Promo image Progfathers – left to right Adam Agiss, Phil Burns, Tom Tattersall, Eva Gillett, Mike Farmer, Tamáz Csemez.

I anticipate that they will be bringing a similar level of attention to detail to this show which features music from such luminaries as Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, VanDer Graaf Generator, Camel, Jethro Tull, Gentle Giant, E.L.P. and more (at least that’s what it says on the website.

I have been wondering how long the classic tribute band format can enjoy riding the crest of the popularity wave. The number of tributes to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and others is legion.
There was an amusing sketch on “The Now Show” (BBC Radio 4) some years back. It pointed out that at the time of Elvis’ death in 1977 there were 170 Elvis impersonators; this had risen to 400,000 worldwide by the time of the sketch. They extrapolated from this that by the year 2020 one third of the world’s population would be Elvis impersonators.

Well of course that can’t happen because the bubble has to burst, and I suspect that there will be an increasing drift away from single act tribute bands and towards multi-act or genre based tribute shows. I look forward to seeing this band playing near me sometime. Meanwhile they played their debut gig at the Riga music bar, in Southend – July 12th 2013 (in fact they will be playing as I write this)


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