Tinyfish article on hold until my question is answered

Prog rockers Tinyfish need to answer a question

Until they do I just can’t write anything about them

On their website, OK I will at least include the link, progressive rock band from … (OK let’s make that two questions shall we?) ….

Where was I?
Oh yes; on their website, which is excellent by the way, prog rockers “Tinyfish” have the strap line (on every page) “The World’s Smallest Progressive Rock Band

But NOWHERE on their website, at least nowhere that I could find, and I did look quite hard, is there any explanation as to why.

They are a five piece band. There are loads of prog bands with four, three, and even probably two members.
None of them are noticeably short, not like “Small Faces”. Unless they are ALL short and use tiny weeny little drums and guitars. (Unlikely)

So what the heck is the tag line all about then?

Explain, or I will refuse to write any more on the subject.
And while you’re at it, where are you from? It is one of those things that it is just nice to know. Doesn’t make the music any better or worse, but it helps to be able to include that information.

There is a FAQ on the website, but no mention of the tag line. I refuse to believe that nobody else has asked this question before.

Come on, cough up.

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