Breaks Collective – Devon based hip-hop with a twist.

Introducing The Breaks Collective

Hip-Hop with a twist, from Devon

OK, a bit of background here. I don’t usually like hip-hop.

When I set up the GUBIC competition I honestly assumed and expected that all the bands would be, broadly speaking, rock.

And then we ended up with joint winners that were Destination (a synth pop duo) and Digital Earth (a jazz/soul/hip-hop crossover). It all came as rather an interesting and not too disappointing surprise. True, I would have rather seen Limeshark take it, or Pablo Eskimo, but the winners were still good.

Every now and then I find a band, or a piece of music that I really like that makes me wonder exactly why?
Why do I like Mutagen, a dup step band that I came across in the eighties?
Why do I like Digital Earth and Destination?
And why am I coming to like The Breaks Collective?

Hootenanny Brixton. Harvey Hudson on guitar

Well one reason is because my friend, Harvey Hudson (also of Badly Worn Toy), has started playing guitar with the band on their live dates, but there has to be more to it than that. I don’t like all their tracks equally. Some of them are more “rap” than others, some owe more to jazz, but for one thing the rapping is clever.

lyrically it is very creative with interesting rhymes and worthwhile concepts being expressed.

It comes down to the complicated question of personal music preference. It would be a funny old world if we all liked the same thing, but a couple of objective things I still believe make the difference between good music and bad. One of those is the ability to play, really play, the instruments. The Breaks Collective are not simply rappers shouting incoherent nonsense over a loop track.
Here’s one of my favourites, like a four minute musical version of Bill Bryson’s book “A Short History of Nearly Everything“, it covers a range of subjects including laughing at end-of-the-world prophecies, expounding the theory of panspermia, and evolution, and decrying the arms race; all in one funky, soulful, intricately folded protein molecule of brilliance.

The line up is as follows, according to their Facebook page.

MC – Chris Moxey
MC – Jon Todd
Drums – Kieran Hennessy
Bass – Jamie Adam
Keys – John Bangham
Guitar – Jules Moberly*
Sax – Matt Whitley

* Guitar duties are currently in the capable hands of Harvey Hudson.
Seven superb performers who have produced so far tow e.p.s and two albums, have graced many renowned stages, including headlining Oceanfest, and have supported such luminaries as ‘De La Soul’,  ‘Toots and the Maytals’,  and Jazz legend ‘Courtney Pine’.

“Audio Art” sleeve design

The band are currently touring to promote their album “AUDIO ART” their next live gig (at time of writing) is Saturday 20th July at Buddy’s Live Lounge in Ilfracombe.

Facebook event here

Since I live about three hundred yards from there I will definitely be able to make it, and will report back on here.

There is a website which is although at present it appears to be a holding page with embedded Soundcloud files and album art.



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