Burdenhart Records


Burdenhart Records.

Founded only just this month July 2013,
Burdenhart Records is planned as a not for profit record label for its founder Ella Thompson, and for a select group of local musicians with the right ethos.

I only just found out about it via a Facebook post on the North Devon Muso Collective group.

Hello people of the musical world.
I am constructing my own record label for my recordings in the SW of England, concentrating on capturing natural warm sounds that aren’t all over produced and mechanical, unlike most of today’s music that seems to have to be so refined and polished. Completely non-profit, just to help out local musicians!!! please like & share the page if you can to show your support,
Couldn’t do this without the people 🙂

Less Is More, Burdenhart Records

Sunset over …. not actually sure if this is Taw bridge or Torridge bridge. Ha ha!
Very pretty though. Taken from the Facebook page.


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