Month: August 2013

Profanity and radio airplay

Just a very brief note about “parental advisory” lyrics and radio I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but I do a radio show now.  What’s that? I did mention it? Oh OK. Well one thing about being

The Hoax, blues band from Wiltshire

Heavy rocking blues from Devises, Wiltshire Now then; I have got to write about this band, if only because one of my friends has been going on about them non stop on Facebook for ages now. Every other post from Howard

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Clair Le Brocq and the Bordellos

Excellent , female fronted, blues band from Gloucester As I endeavour to add to this blog on a daily basis there are times when I struggle for the muse, and others when I am overwhelmed with material to write about.

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Black Dogs win record contract at Unsigned rock fest

Just a little update for you regarding the Unsigned Rock Festival hosted by Dr John’s Rock Surgery at the Old Bus Station, Barnstaple. Of the many bands that played the weekend Black Dogs came away from the gig with a

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Lionstar reggae/rock/blues from Devon

An eclectic blend of genres Lionstar are another band playing at the Landmark theatre’s Sunwest festival. They are based in Holsworthy in Devon. Sadly, I won’t be able to see them because they are on stage from 3.00 when my radio

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Hip Route – blues/rock three piece from Swindon

Sunwest festival act Hip Route Blues/Rock/Americana from Swindon Coming up after Yazzy at my local August bank holiday festival, Sunwest, is this great sounding blues/rock/country type band, with a good deal in common with Rosco Levee and Southern Slide and indeed

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Yazzy yet another child prodigy in North Devon

Young singer/songwriter Yazzy from N. Devon Appearing at Sunwest on Saturday 24th August I have been going slowly through the line up for Sunwest, trying to find out a bit more about the bands that are playing. The festivals at

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Rosco Levee & Southern Slide country/blues/rock from Kent

Opening the Sunwest Festival on Friday night Rosco Levee, regular visitors to N. Devon from their base in Kent. I first heard of this band via a friend of mine from Ilfracombe. Leigh Wigg is a huge supporter of this

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Billy Brown’s music at

 Download full Billy Brown e.p. free Billy Brown, who I have reviewed here already, has released an e.p. which can be downloaded free at Amazing Tunes. Four tracks, and I think all good choices; Let Me Lie Next To You

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The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease

Getting your music played Just a very brief note. If you want airplay, or reviews, or anything really; you MUST be willing to put yourself forward. There are incalculable numbers of independent bands around. Huge numbers of them are really