Digital Natives introspective artsy rock from Ilfracombe

Introducing Digital Natives from Ilfracombe

Digital Natives (Facebook profile pic)

Digital Natives
(Facebook profile pic)

I keep saying there is a lot of talent in Ilfracombe.
I’ll tell you something as well; this can cause problems when you want to see a band but there are often two or three good bands on in town at the same time.

I have managed, somehow to miss seeing Digital Natives every time they have played live in my home town, which is also their home town. Last time it was because The Breaks Collective were at Buddy’s Live Lounge at the same time that Digital Natives were at The Chill Bar.

I will get to see them live but for the time being here’s some observations from their recordings.

The band consists of

  • James Bettis – Vocals & Guitar
  • Ross Paulding – Drums
  • Melissa Marshall – Keyboards
  • Josh Morgan – Bass
Digital Natives from their Facebook profile , James Bettis,

Digital Natives from their Facebook profile
Josh Morgan , James Bettis, Ross Paulding, Melissa Marshall

You can check out a quite long list of original material on their Facebook page  where there are eight tracks to chose from. The songs are all quite melodic and gentle with a haunting mesmeric quality.

The band have been compared to Radiohead, which they cite as one of their influences. Other influences they list are Kings Of Leon, Fleet Foxes, Other Lives, BRMC, Muse, My Morning Jacket, U2, Pink Floyd, Sigur Ros, The Beatles, The Big Pink, David Gray, MGMT, Jonny Greenwood, Simon and Garfunkel, Stone Roses, The Cure, Temper Trap, Trailer Trash Tracys, although few of these really come through in the finished product.

The chief word that comes to mind when listening to these tracks is introverted. None of the songs are the sort of thing you might hear on a Monday morning breakfast show on the radio. It is much more likely to fit the profile of a late night show with some softly spoken DJ keeping the insomniacs and night porters company in the wee small hours.

Digital_Natives_band_on_staIt is the sort of thing to put on at a party when the neighbours have already complained twice and the police will be round if there is any more trouble. It is gentle like a babbling brook on a lazy summer’s day, with the trees barely rustling in an imperceptible breeze.

Nor is the music instantly accessible, this is not music full of hooks and repeated choruses. It is not music which you will be whistling after the first listen. You will need to get to know the songs well before you can sing along, or chose a favourite, but I am pretty certain that thy have growing potential, and the band themselves seem to be doing well in the area, and gaining some attention further afield.

They are playing at The Old Bus Station in Barnstaple on August 16th and are back at the Chill bar on September 21st where I really must get to see them finally.

You can find the band on Reverb Nation and also on Myspace, which has of course changed and now looks quite swish, though whether it returns to favour remains to be seen.


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One comment on “Digital Natives introspective artsy rock from Ilfracombe
  1. Olli says:

    Just watching them live now at the Chill Bar.
    We have spotted a few similarities to different bands. Only hints; moments of suggestion; not necessarily influences.
    Portishead, Pink Floyd, Radiohead,

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