Jann Klose original GUBIC artist

Introducing Jann Klose

Original GUBIC artist from the USA

Jann Klose publicity image from around 2010

Jann Klose publicity image from around 2010

This is another of the eighty or so artists who sent me tracks for inclusion in the Get a Genuine Unsigned Band Into the Charts competition in 2010.

Jann first came to my attention due to a peculiar twist of circumstances.
In 2008 I had to list a Led Zep Too gig at the newly re-opened Marquee, in central London. We were playing the venue as part of our 40th anniversary tour (something of a flat souffle as it turned out, but fun in some ways)

Due to the strange way the Lemonrock gig listings site works, it was not possible to list our gig there without creating a listing for the venue, and you couldn’t create a venue listing without providing a land-line telephone number. Since I didn’t know the venue’s number, as it had not even opened at that time, I just listed my home number and forgot all about it. Some time later, I got a call from Jann’s publicist, the indefatigable, and ever positive Anne Leighton.

Naturally I felt a bit guilty. I had caused Anne to waste a phone call to England in search of a gig at a venue that I didn’t run, and that had in fact already closed down again, a victim of the owner’s complete lack of experience in the live music business.
So I set about trying to suggest possible venues that Jann might be able to play, and, I must confess, didn’t do much better even then. Yet I think Anne knew I was at least honest and sincere.

I went along to a gig that Jann had in my area which was not very well attended. Considering that he regularly plays to huge audiences in Germany and in many parts of the USA it must have been a strange gig for him, but he played superbly and won over those who were there. I bought a copy of his album Reverie which I enjoyed very much.

When I started my competition Anne was one of the first people to get on board and Jann was one of the first to send a track, “Doing Time“.

Anne was one of those people who totally got into the spirit of the dream I had. When Jann was just squeezed out of the top ten it made absolutely no difference to her efforts to make the scheme work. She posted in her blog, she wrote press releases to news agencies and other media, and she plastered the internet with links and information.

The best thing that came out of the GUBIC competition was nothing to do with chart success, and had everything to do with people working together, making contacts, and getting excited about something. Another artist who did make the top ten was Bill Monaghan, and there was more than just a musical link between the two. Bill’s champion was Carol Fenton who is South African, while Jann spent many of his formative years in South Africa. Since the competition, Carol has been friends with Anne and Jann, and that is what gives me hope to carry on plugging unsigned bands.

So, what has Jan Klose been up to since 2010? Well absolutely loads to be honest. Far too much to detail in a blog article.

  • In 2011 he was nominated for a Grammy award.
  • in 2012 chosen to play and sing on the sound-track of “Greetings From Tim Buckley”
  • 2013 release of most recent album MOSAIC

Jann_Klose_Mosaic_sleeve_arMosaic has ten tracks as follows

1. Make It Better 3:38
2. Know What’s Right 3:12
3. On and On 4:26
4. Still 3:10
5. Long Goodbye 3:55
6. Falling Tears 3:36
7. Four Leaf Clover 3:30
8. Beautiful One 3:28
9. The Kite 2:54
10. Song to the Siren 2:51

The music is as always beautiful and melodic, with Jann’s soaring vocals reaching some quite high notes with no sign of stress. Some tracks are quite heavy, when I saw Jann play live in a small music venue in Walthamstow, it was just him with no band. Stick some drums into the mix and there is more dynamic available and Jann uses this to good effect. I want to make comparisons to Billy Joel although the resemblance is slender, really only in overall musical ability rather than in style.

As so often happens, when writing these articles,  I feel that I haven’t done justice to such a talented artist. Yet there must come a point when I publish it so here goes.

Official website

Jann Klose page on Facebook

Official Youtube channel


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