Moulettes – Alt folk from Glastonbury England

Introducing Moulettes from Glastonbury

Female led alternative folk with prog leanings

Moulettes_sleeve_artIt is often a daunting task to write these articles, when I discover a band that I really like, and then discover that the band has an extensive history and back catalogue.

My sister and her husband introduced me to Moulettes very recently after having seen them perform live. My brother in law was most enamoured of the cellist, and they bought every CD that the band had produced.

As soon as I listened to a couple of tracks I knew this was an exceptional band, not just exceptional musicians but also an exceptional musical style, and song writing.

“Assault” is an instrumental duet, for violin and cello, which is played at a frantic pace, as befits the title.

It could be incidental music for a monumental struggle between good and evil in the world of fairies.

The official website is sleek and professional and you find it first time on Google when you search the band name.

The Moulettes consist of

  • Hannah Miller – Cello, vocals, guitar
  • Ollie Austin – Drums, guitar, glockenspiel, backing vocals
  • Anisa Arslanagic – Violin, glockenspiel, backing vocals
  • Ruth Skipper – Bassoon, vocals, autoharp
  • Jim Mortimore – Double bass, banjo, guitar, backing vocals

There is one track on their Soundcloud “Horses For Hearses” which is a good example of how this band (for me anyway) bridges the gap between the Folk/Prog of Mozart’s Revolver and the Folk/Pop of Sound Of The Sirens.

If you want to sample a few songs before rushing to buy, then Youtube is probably your best bet, where the band have uploaded 21 videos.

Moulettes are coming to Barnstaple in October. Although this probably isn’t important to you it means I might get to see them live.
Meanwhile they are playing all over the country including several festivals. Details on their website.


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