Introducing Mango Factory from Bristol

Introducing Mango Factory

Eight piece funk/soul/blues band from Bristol

Sunwest_posterSunwest is one of three festivals of music and real ale / real cider that take place in Ilfracombe at the Landmark Theatre.

The festivals attract top quality acts from the region and beyond and are particularly unique in that they are free! It is a great chance to showcase your stuff and also a golden opportunity for me to check out some great new talent.

Organiser Charmaine Lovett particularly highlighted this band to me as one to check out. I did so via a Youtube video that she linked to and was duly impressed.

Here’s the video she directed me to.

They have a great sound with the three horns adding depth to the whole. A really groovy funky outfit with sackfuls of soul, Latin rhythms, jazziness, and a touch of Soca in their style. (Check out “Dienstag” for Soca in particular)

The full line up of the band is

  • Sam Mills – Piano/Keyboards
  • Dan Puzey- Saxaphone
  • Joe Price – Guitar
  • Dean Rivers – Drums
  • Ryan Aves – Trumpet
  • Rich O’Brien – Bass
  • Aimee Mukherjee – Vocals / Trumpet
  • Ben Sayer – Vocals

Mango_Factory_logoThe official website is still partly under construction, and they direct users to their Myspace page for gig listings.

Myspace seems to be coming back but I still can’t get to grips with the new layouts and I bet a lot of other users have trouble too. –

I must say as well that if I had come across the two audio samples on the website first, I might well not have been writing this article. The recording is clearly done live using a very basic set up, probably one mic. They do the band no justice and would be better removed altogether.

The audio on their Myspace page is vastly more professional.

Mango_Factory_on_stageWith a band like this it is inappropriate to single out one member for praise, it is the way the band as a whole gels, giving a seamless tight whole that makes it a show to see.

Just as with Tankus The Henge, or Bison, I am frankly amazed when a band can hold together so many superb musicians all working towards a common goal, managing to attend rehearsals together, while presumably not making a huge pile of money for long periods of time.

Mango_Factory_on_stage_2That they can do so and also write and perform utterly wonderful songs, with such passion and style, songs that will make you smile, and make you move; even if, like me, you only tap a foot – and freeze should anyone catch you lifting the whole foot off the floor.

As yet I don’t know which day or what time they are performing but they are certainly ones to watch. I just hope they are not on the Sunday when I am doing my radio show.

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