Post Apocalyptic Game Show song review

D’ya wanna review? O’ course you do

Brian Devlin posted a comment on this blog asking for a review. He didn’t even add a link to the song he wanted me to review.

He did mention it was by a band called Hunting Unicorns, so I did some searching. Just using the band name was inconclusive, but adding Brian’s name to the search box brought me to a Facebook post which mentions a video for a song entitled “Post Apocalyptic Game Show” and this led me to a video on Youtube.

Post Apocalyptic Game Show video on Youtube.

Another search for the song title AND band name brought me to a Reverbnation page

Now I confess I am still not 100% certain that this is what Brain wanted me to look at, but I like it anyway so why not talk about it and then we can look at other stuff later.

The song appears (from finding it on a Bandcamp profile) to have been first produced in 1999, although the subject seems to be based loosely on the 2001 game show “Touch The Truck” where contestants had to keep their hands on a truck, and whoever lasted longest won the truck.¬†Having said that, there was also a documentary film in 1997 about a similar competition in Texas that took place in 1995.

  The audio version is longer by over a minute

The Youtube video, however, is more recent; from earlier this year, and features a rather avaricious looking bunch of older men hoping to become the proud owner of a Mazda. It is also only two and a half minutes long from the nearly four minute original.

The song itself has captured the feel of a post apocalyptic distopia, where unfortunate souls are forced to degrade themselves in the hope of winning some means of rising out of their poverty.

It opens with a distorted voice announcing the competition and building up expectation, as any good game show host would do, but the distortion changes it from the annoying perkiness of Dale Winton, to a rather scary, depressing scenario; reminiscent of something from the “Bad Wolf” episode of Dr. Who.

Heavily distorted guitars, and pounding rhythms continue the sense of dread yet the lead vocal is tuneful and offers the one spark of hope as he sings, “I know that car is mine”. The music is punctuated continuously with that distorted spoken voice repeating the song title.

All in all this is an interesting sounding track that captures the mood of its subject and gets to the heart of what seems to be wrong with the world and the direction we are going in. One can only hope that the people can stop the current trend; AND want to!




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