Yazzy yet another child prodigy in North Devon

Young singer/songwriter Yazzy from N. Devon

Appearing at Sunwest on Saturday 24th August

I have been going slowly through the line up for Sunwest, trying to find out a bit more about the bands that are playing.

The festivals at the Landmark always manage to put on such superb bands carefully selected by the organiser who’s musical taste is impeccable.

Yazzy_I hope to write about the opening act on Saturday but they are called “October” and, try as I might, I couldn’t find them on Google in a month of Sundays; so I await a reply to my request for a link and have moved on to “Yazzy”.

Yazzy is another immensely talented young (14) singer songwriter from North Devon  (like Kiera Osment).

She also sings, and plays piano and guitar, as well as violin, and writes excellent songs, as well as playing a few covers as well.

So far, checking out her stuff on Youtube I haven’t found anything upbeat from her. I asked Kiera why all her songs were quite melancholy and she confessed that, she had written happy songs but hadn’t liked any of them. She found them cheesy. Maybe it’s a trend but I expect it is just another co-incidence.

Here’s one of the many songs that Yazzy has uploaded to Youtube. There’s no video with this. I would have shared a Bandcamp or Soundcloud audio sample but I haven’t found either yet.

Yazzy clearly has a very beautiful voice, with a incredible amount of control for one so young. A voice; as warm as a summers day, as fresh as a sea breeze, and as gentle as lapping waves on your toes.

She is scheduled to be on stage from 3.30pm on Saturday 24th August.

Yazzy also won the “Work in Progress” category in the 2012 UK Songwriting Contest, which is a pay to enter contest.

Here’s what they said


Losing Everything
by Yazzy Chamberlain

This song, Losing Everything, by young British songwriter Yazzy Chamberlain, needs some reworking and rewriting but the judges saw a lot of potential in this entry as a work in progress. Yazzy is only 13 and she says This is recorded in a shed, so not the best quality!  Please tell me what you think !:)”   We think that Yazzy, with this song and also with some of her other entries in the UKSC this year, shows great potential and promise as a songwriter and singer. She is one to watch out for in the future.




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