Hip Route – blues/rock three piece from Swindon

Sunwest festival act Hip Route

Blues/Rock/Americana from Swindon

hip_route_bk_-_DB_sign_1259229242Coming up after Yazzy at my local August bank holiday festival, Sunwest, is this great sounding blues/rock/country type band, with a good deal in common with Rosco Levee and Southern Slide and indeed with Canyon Ryde for that matter.

The band consists of

  • Jim Blair – Guitars/lap Slide/Vocals.
  • Jon Millard – Bass, Backing Vocals.
  • Steve Lodge – Drums/Percussion

There is plenty of slide guitar, and husky dusky vocals as you can hear in this Youtube video of “Point The Finger” (live)

The band were fairly easy to find with their various social media profiles coming up in the first few hits, although I can’t help thinking the name suggests a different genre than the one they occupy.

You can find a few tracks on their Myspace profile and there are more (mainly different ones) on Reverbnation. I didn’t find a website so presumably there isn’t one yet. Readers will know my views on that. Every band should have their own website, even if there is very little on there.

I notice they come up at #3 in the Reverbnation Blues chart for Swindon, behind two other bands that have come under my radar recently, The Hoax, who are the darlings of one of my Facebook friends, and Clair Le Brocq who recently played at the unsigned rock festival in Barnstaple. Both of these bands are on my list of things to do for this blog.

I will probably write a bit more about this band after the festival, where I might also be able to get some photos of them.


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