Lionstar reggae/rock/blues from Devon

An eclectic blend of genres

Lionstar are another band playing at the Landmark theatre’s Sunwest festival. They are based in Holsworthy in Devon. Sadly, I won’t be able to see them because they are on stage from 3.00 when my radio show starts.

Their website is easy enough to find coming at the top of a search for the band name, although it is lonely there with nothing of any other social media sites getting a look in on the first page. This is unusual as usually it is hard to get your own site above Facebook and Reverbnation etc.

However it turns out the band don’t have any other sites except for a Myspace profile which has five tracks all recorded live. If you can listen beyond the very poor recording quality you can just about make out that this is a truly excellent group of musicians.

The first track I listened to was on their website and the recording quality is much better.  “Into The Feeling” starts with an almost metal-ish intro but then turns into pretty much straight ahead reggae, well written and presented, with lots of long echo, good solid skanking groove, nice sounding vocals, and tight drums that have a good recorded sound. The guitar solo is rocking making the track cross over genres somewhat.

They play a mix of covers and originals, but the originals all take on a unique feel when played by Lionstar.  I was getting ready to put them down as a reggae outfit, after listening to “Into The Feeling” and then cstarting to check the ones on Myspace.
“One To Another” is solid reggae, but then “Soul Healer” turns out to be slow burning blues, and oddly enough “Get Up Stand Up” (one of two covers on offer) turns out to have some decidedly rock stylings, as if a band like Led Zeppelin decided to cover the track.

Another very interesting cover is “Voodoo Chile” which opens up with a bass riff that is worryingly like the intro to a song I wrote and we are working on with my band “Badly Worn Toy”! It then progresses into the song as we all know it but the band puts their own unique stamp all over it.

They are currently working on their debut album which is being recorded at Acorn Studios which I believe is run by their bassist, and if the recording quality of the track on their website is anything to go by it will be an excellent offering.

The line up according to their website is

  • Ron – Songwriter/Guitarist & lead vocalist
  • Ash – Vocals/sound engineer
  • Bruce – Percussion/congas & Vocals
  • Stuart Soul – Bass/ Guitar & vocals

although it also says they are a five piece and occasionally go out as an eight piece band.


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