Month: September 2013

Giskard – Metal-Electronica fusion from Lincolnshire

Introducing Giskard Another fruitful evening listening to XRP radio introduced me to three interesting rock bands. In the last week or so I have been mostly writing about singer songwriters and art rock. So I feel I am long overdue for

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Sam Dowden – sublime guitarist singer songwriter from Devon

Introducing Sam Dowden Another one from my local area and again someone who I have been meaning to see live, meaning to check out, meaning to write about, and yet just haven’t got round to it until now. North Devon

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Olli’s radio show Sunday 29th Sept 2013

Really just for my benefit Plans for the show on Sunday 29th September I’ve got a stack of new (to me at least) bands to play this week. These are some notes about what I am planning to play. In

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TO DO It is high time I wrote an article about GUBIC winners Destination Destination.

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On The House – Free Local Music

New music blog reviewing bands with free downloads On The House Music is a music review site that focuses on bands offering free music downloads. Whilst I think that musicians should get paid for good music, I am also well

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Daniel Adam – Art rock from North Devon

Singer songwriter Daniel Adam is English but he’s also doing rather well in America I just happened to spot a post from him on Facebook saying how the analytics on Soundcloud showed he had more fans in America than the

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Sunday Skyclub debut E.P. I Like Songs

Light Indie from Exeter, Devon Another band that responded to my request, on Facebook, for more Devon bands was Sunday Skyclub. Band member George, sent me a message via email with a couple of links, and added, “having just been

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Littermouth – Alternative art rock from Cornwall

Introducing Littermouth from Bude I get about 50 spam comments a day on this blog. It isn’t a big problem. The filter catches most of them, and I just have to be careful not to throw out the baby with

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Carnivala! – Good sound but an even better image

Exeter’s most stylish band? The phrase “style over substance” is almost invariably wielded as a criticism.¬†You think of an entity like Jedward, and shudder at the very fact that two utterly talent-less so called “singers” can enjoy a career on

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Naomi – Idyllic instrumental band

Melodic and gentle music from Exeter Joe Robertson, drummer with Naomi, responded to a post on Facebook that I put, asking for bands to play on my radio show. I was especially after Devon bands since it is a North

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