GUBIC accepted for iTunes affiliate program

Money making information for your website

I am always on the look out for how to make money from my websites. Any useful information I get, I will share with you so that, hopefully you to can make a bit of money from your band’s website.

I have been doing websites for over ten years now. My French 4 Tots site has been Online since 19.06.2004 and before that I had others that are now lost in the mists of time.

During that time the sites have never made a profit until very recently. Google’s Adsense program has been the only one to bring in consistent results.

Before that I was relying mainly on Amazon which does not (for me at least) produce the kind of results it is even worth thinking about. Once a year I get a book token from them. (To be fair if you set up a blog to talk about current pop music, or to review books or movies then it could be very successful.

And even earlier than then I was signed up for Tradedoubler but all those years ago, I was excited when my website first got 1,000 unique visitors per month and I wasn’t all that great at putting the ads into the website etc. My other difficulty lay in the content of my most successful site which was aimed at teaching French to preschool children.

A year or two ago, I wondered if iTunes did an affiliate program and I discovered that they didn’t. This was a shame since I had become aware that iTunes accounts for a much larger share of MP3 sales than Amazon and I wanted to try and cash in on that.

However just recently I found out that now iTunes DO offer an affiliate program and it is through Tradedoubler. So I have signed up again for TD and you will see the link for iTunes below.

It is not a pay per click thing but pays a small percentage on items bought after a customer clicks through from the link.
The Adsense ones are pay per click but it is very important NOT to click them just to put some money in the webmasters pocket. Especially not to click them repeatedly, because Google are not stupid and they may terminate a membership without warning if they suspect foul play.

So, I will watch what happens with the new iTunes banner and let you know in due course how it is performing.

Oh, I have also been accepted by Gear 4 Music which is a supplier of instruments and PA equipment etc. I checked them out and they are competitive. 

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