Silver Darter – singer/songwriter from London

Former “More Assured” front man – solo

So continuing from the previous article about defunct pop/punk band The More Assured; discovered, via Spotify, by my teenage son; I am now checking out “Silver Darter” – this is, lead singer/guitarist, Al from the band, going it alone, with an acoustic guitar, a pen and paper and a pleasing voice. Think Jack Johnson, Passenger, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon etc.

The video for “My Time And Yours” is top quality, in the same league or better than his previous band came up with.

This appears to be the only original song among the current crop of Youtube videos, and keeps making me think of a Beatles song. One from one of the middle albums where they became quite introspective and obviously one of the acoustic ones. I can’t put my finger on it.

I very much prefer his cover of “Let Her Go”. I really don’t enjoy Mike Rosenberg’s voice which sounds nasal.

There are a couple more songs at the Facebook page and then you can hear the whole Emperor e.p. on Soundcloud as follows.

 The whole thing is available on iTunes, but I haven’t worked out how to link directly to it and get the commission.  Please feel free to use the iTunes banner, below, and put a few pennies my way. Ha ha ha 🙂

I understand that he is working on a full album.
I anticipate it with interest. 


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