The More Assured – a review too late.

One of many bands that have been and gone.

My son likes listening to Spotify. I find the software intrusive, I don’t appreciate downloaded software that feels the need to pop up without being asked.
Spotify, Skype, certain types of anti-virus programs, they can go forth and multiply. But my lad revels in them, and he likes the way Spotify will play stuff that is like what you said you like already.

Actually Soundcloud does that and it isn’t nearly as intrusive as Spotify so I will stick with my way.

Having said all that, his listening habits are not the same as mine and so he sometimes turns up a band that might not have come under my gaze otherwise. He’ll come over with his laptop and say, “what do you think of this?” and if I like it I will find out what it is and check it out some more.  The latest of these is a band called The More Assured which, it turns out disbanded some time ago and went their separate ways.

Nevertheless I am going to say a little about them because I quite like the music and it leads on to something else.

The More Assured were Al, Slinky, Matt, and Norway. There are over 30 tracks on their old Myspace page

As you can tell from the video they had a very professional approach not just to songwriting and performing but to promotions, with a slick stylish video, that has had over forty-five thousand views (though this doesn’t look like an official band Youtube profile)

The tracks are dated from 2007 through to 2010, but then they cut off. I posted a comment on the band’s Facebook page, asking what the situation is now. It looked as though at least one member was still checking it from time to time and sure enough they replied
We are not currently gigging or recording and are spread out all over the world working on other music projects and business ventures currently. Slinky has become an actor and Al is doing his own solo record, and recently released an EP”

And so I naturally move on to find out more about Al’s alter ego “Silver Darter” 



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