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A superb tool for busy gigging bands

I first encountered Lemonrock many years ago at around the time it took over another gig listings site based in the South West of England. Since then Lemonrock has gone from strength to strength and even survived a change from being a free site for all to charging some members an annual fee; often a shaky time for any website.
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Lemonrock only charges bands and venues for membership. Music fans can join for free to get gig listings for their local area or for their favourite bands.

One of the key features of Lemonrock that has made it very successful is that you can only list a gig for your band if the venue is already in the database. If it is not there then you have to create a listing for it. This makes it easier once you have created the venue because the site automatically fills in all the details, and cross links the band with the venue.

The same applies to venues creating listings for bands that are not already in the database. As a result venues and bands that are actively using the site are also introducing other potential users.

Another thing that is great about Lemonrock is the way your band profile can act very much like a website for your band. In fact if you treat it in that way then it works out as a VERY cheap alternative to getting your own URL and website hosting package.

Membership is £30 per year for bands or venues, and has a number of benefits.

  • You get your own band (or venue) page – This can function as your website with a reasonably snappy URL like www.lemonrock.com/tenfeettall
    On multiple pages you can upload a band biography, set lists, photographs, videos, MP3s, blog, and of course your ever important gig list.
  • Easy to share gig listings – Your gig list can be turned into a feed that can be dropped into any other website. This is a brilliant feature which I used to use when I was doing Led Zep Too’s website for many years.
  • Create posters and flyers – anyone will be able to print a poster, you, the venue, or dedicated fans and street teamers.
  • Applause and Reviews Venues can send you feedback and recommendations and you can link to other bands and venues on the site.
  • Easy to add gigs – Once you have added a  gig once it is simple to add in future because the venue can be added to your favourites list. All the details will fill in automatically.
  • They pay the PRS – which means you CAN upload covers without worrying about copyright infringement.
  • Print off your set lists – As well as letting potential bookers know the songs you can play, Lemonrock can let you print them off in a handy format.
  • Maintain up to four bands on one membership (or venues if you have a venue membership)
  • Connect with your fans – Create mailing lists and sync with social media like Twitter and Facebook. Also Lemonrock automatically creates a mobile gig feed for fans who ask for it.

Search for venues

As a band you will find stacks of venues where you can ask for a gig. You can search by using a map, or by putting various search terms into the advanced venue search tool. Narrow it down to local venues, or up to a fifty mile radius, search for venues that charge on the door, or who don’t, and all sorts of other criteria. You can also see where similar bands are playing and approach those venues since they are obviously likely to want to book your band as well.



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One comment on “Lemonrock – UK gig and venue listing site
  1. John Wood says:

    Great article Oli and I couldn’t agree more. It’s not a social networking site like FB, Twitter etc but it’s excellent as a band information and ‘organising’ site. The adding gigs feature is the best on any of the sites we use. We only started using because, in our early days, we were asked ‘are you on lemonrock?’ when trying to get bookings.
    I think it’s more suited to cover bands than bands trying to play original music but we still use it because it’s so user-friendly.
    It’s main drawback is that every time your subscription comes up is that you realise another year has flown by!

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